Basic conditions testing samples

Testing period:

  • A Test sample is made available to the customer for test purposes for a period of 30 days, from delivery - without charge. 
  • In case of need, this period can be extended after consultation with us.



  • If your tests results are positive, you can simply keep the system and we will send you the invoice. 
  • If the system will not return after this period it will be charged, if we did not receive any other information. 
  • Already charged test samples will not be accepted on return. 
  • In case of invoicing, the amount stated in the order confirmation becomes due.


Returning your test sample:

  • The charge free return of test samples is possible to all test samples in perfect condition, without any optical or technical modification. 
  • The system has to be returned in the original packaging.



  • In case of return, if the system or original packaging is damaged, if accessories or delivered components are missing, we reserve the right to charge a fee of minimum 20% of the total amount listed in the order confirmation. 
  • If the test sample was delivered with a pre-installed operating system, a lump-sum amount of 25,00 € ex. TVA will be charged, in case the test sample is not purchased.