20 Dec 2023 Company

Christmas Countdown – review of the fourth quarter

The year is drawing to a close and our Christmas countdown ends with this article. The months of October, November and December were filled with exciting visits and our annual spo-comm Christmas party.
18 Dec 2023 Company

Christmas party and company vacation 2023/24

At the end of every year, spo-comm also has a Christmas party to reflect on the past year and to prepare for the annual company holiday.
13 Dec 2023 Company

A look back at 2023: 20 years of spo-comm

Also this year, we from Marketing won't miss the opportunity to ask our CEO Michael Sporrer about the past year. We asked him how 2023 went, what the prospects are for 2024 and what his personal highlight in spo-comm was this year.
11 Dec 2023 Company

Christmas Countdown – Review of the third quarter

The months of July, August and September were once again dominated by product-related issues. The word “RUGGED” was particularly emphasised during this time and there were also changes in our sales team.
1 Dec 2023 Company

Christmas Countdown - Review of the second quarter

In the second part of our Mini-Christmas countdown, we´re taking a look on the months of April, May and June. This quarter was also characterised by farewells and changes, but above all by valuable time in the team and further successes.
28 Nov 2023 Company

Christmas countdown - Review of the first quarter

This year, we're brightening up the run-up to Christmas with a special look back. Week by week, we´ll be reviewing 2023, looking back at product highlights and telling you what was going on behind the scenes.
5 Oct 2023 Company

Our current sales team at spo-comm

There's a lot going on in the ranks of spo-comm Mini-PCs, which we regularly report on on our blog and social media channels. But there is also news within the company that is interesting for our customers. For this reason, we are introducing our current sales team today.
27 Jun 2023 Company

Team day 2023 at spo-comm

For a long time we were not allowed to organize events like our annual team building or the Christmas party. Now, there was finally another highlight: our spo-comm team day on June 22, 2023.
7 Feb 2023 Company

On to our anniversary year 2023!

“The same procedure as every year” was not the motto for the end of 2022, but for January 2023. We asked our management Michael and Bernd, what happened in the last year and what we can expect from our anniversary year 2023. (Yes, spo-comm is turning 20!)
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