10 good reasons for spo-comm Mini-IPCs

You are asking yourself, why you should choose Mini IPCs from spo-comm? We have 10 good reasons for you:

1. Quality

The Systems offered by spo-comm GmbH are tested thoroughly and are suitable for 24/7 operations. All the components comply with industry standards and thus ensure a long, failsafe operating time. Furthermore all of our systems have a robust metal housing.

2. Equipment

All spo-comm Mini-PCs are equipped with industry-standard hardware. The used components are tested for compatibility as well as constant load and are therefore approved.

3. Fanless design

More than half of our solutions are passively cooled Mini-PCs. That means that there are no fans in the particular systems. This allows a more robust construction, almost silent working and also increases the durability of the IPCs.

4. Long-term availability

We guarantee that all spo-comm Mini-PCs are available over a period of five to seven years. This ensures, for instance, a lasting image- and software-compatibility.

5. Ports

Thanks to our various product lines we can ensure the necessary connectivity for any application. Well-tried ports like COM or VGA can be realized also with our newest platforms.

6. Custom manufacturing

Each of our systems is carefully assembled and completed in our production facility in Nuremberg to the wishes of our customers.

7. Power consumption

The chipsets and processors we use enable a high performance and energy efficiency at the same time. Many systems work with 15 watts of average load. Our Embedded-PCs of the upper class require a maximum of 40 to 50 watts.

8. OEM

On request we will gladly arise for you as “original equipment manufacturer” (OEM). We arrange everything from plain packaging over customized cases to system booting with your requested logo. Just get in touch!

9. Customizing

As manufacturer and developer we can provide, regarding to your needs, changes and adjustments to our spo-comm Mini-PCs. Depending on the project type and the size, a completely new product development is possible as well.

10. Warranty and service extensions

For all spo-comm Mini-PCs we provide warranty and service extensions up to 5 years. More information about our spo-comm SysCare Packs can be found here.

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