Apprenticeship as a management assistant in IT-systems at spo-comm

Already since July Kim Schrickel supports the spo-comm sales team. Initially she started as a trainee, but since September she can officially call herself an apprentice as a management assistant in IT-systems. What does someone in this position do and what is on Kim’s daily schedule at spo-comm? We asked her.

Chiara: Hi Kim, please tell us: What does a typical day at work look like for you?

Kim: Hi Chiara. I usually start working at 8 am. First of all, I start my PC, check my e-mails and get a quick overview of what’s to do. Of course, one thing can’t be missed: coffee! In our daily meetings we talk about the running projects and assign our tasks. My main responsibilities are the making of offers, order confirmations, but also invoices. Being in contact with our customers via e-mail or phone is my daily business. I keep an eye on the current testing samples and as well look after the the sales and production key figures.  


Chiara: Next to your actual work at the spo-comm headquarters in Nuremberg you also have to go to the vocational school in Fürth. What subjects are part of your timetable?

Kim: Next to the standard subjects such as politics and society, English and the plus program D there are job-related subjects like IT systems, technology or application development and programming. Since I’m doing a commercial apprenticeship there’s also a subject called “business processes”, which connects the theoretical and the practical part probably the most. At the moment the hardest for me is AWP (application development and programming). But I think that’s normal when you’re confronted with programming a so-called “Windows Forms App” overnight. Two years from now I’ll probably wish for tasks like these! (laughs) Overall, I like the vocational school.  


Chiara: How did it come about that you want to do an apprenticeship as a management assistant in IT-systems?

Kim: I had my first touching points with video games when I was a kid. I guess it was with the NES and later on the SNES, with the classic Mario-, Zelda- and Sonic-games. By that, my interest in consoles and later in computers became bigger. I am a typical 90s kid and grew up with all of that jazz. Like that, I developed a normal sympathy with IT but also wanted to know what stands behind it. That’s how I chose an apprenticeship in the IT field.


Chiara: What do you like most about spo-comm respectively about your job here?

Kim: What I like most here is that, since the first day, I get to see every division of spo-comm. Like that, structures and processes are easy to understand and very transparent. For me, my everyday work is a good combination of classic routine tasks and other exciting to do’s which make every day different. I get along with my colleagues very well. The whole spo-comm team is like a small family and next to our work we laugh a lot together.



Chiara: What’s your favorite Mini-PC?

Kim: I find the idea of a Mini-PC itself very interesting, since I only knew the classic desktop tower PCs before I started my apprenticeship. The most interesting PCs for me are probably the passively cooled ones, such as the RUGGED series or the best-selling WINDBOX II Quad. This system may look unremarkable but is nevertheless high-performant and can be used in various application fields.


Chiara: We all are very happy to have you in our team. Thank you for taking time for this little interview.

Kim: Thanks Chiara. I am also very happy to be part of this team :)


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24 Nov 2020 Array ( [id] => 623 [title] => Apprenticeship in marketing communication at spo-comm [authorId] => [active] => 1 [shortDescription] => In February Chiara Murana completed her apprenticeship as a management assistant for marketing communication at spo-comm. Now it’s time to look back and talk about what’s next. We asked Chiara how her apprenticeship was and what she's actually doing now. [description] =>

Julia: Hi Chiara and thank you for taking the time for a short interview. You have already completed your apprenticeship in marketing communication. Tell me, why did you want to work in this field and why at spo-comm of all places?

Chiara: Hi Julia :) to be honest, I needed a bit of time after school to find out what I wanted to do. After working in sales and an abandoned training as an event manager, I came across the marketing department. Advertising and the various media have always interested and fascinated me, so this training was in a way made for me. I came across spo-comm in the classic way via an online job advertisement. On my trial day something clicked between my colleagues, bosses and me. I immediately got on really well with everybody and I also found the activities very interesting.

Julia: What were the topics of your apprenticeship?

Chiara: The content in the vocational school was broad, from marketing basics to print advertising and social media. Everything that goes with marketing. My practical activities at spo-comm were more specific. Mainly it was about SEO and SEA, i.e. Google Ads, maintaining the website and creating articles for our blog. I was also involved in the design of flyers and various photo shoots. And then I helped with the planning of our booth at the ISE and was even allowed to fly to Amsterdam with my colleagues. That was a really cool experience. In the beginning I also supported the sales department by creating offers and order confirmations. Like that, I was able to learn the ropes about Mini-PCs.

Julia: And what are your tasks in the marketing department of spo-comm?

Chiara: I mainly take care of the website and social media channels. That means I make sure that on the one hand the products with photos and their technical details are displayed correctly in our online shop. On the other hand, I provide our customers and followers in general with the latest content, from blog articles about our products or company news to a look behind the scenes. After I finished my training in February, I reduced my working hours to 30 hours a week in order to have enough time for my bachelor's degree.

Julia: That's right, you're still studying on the side.

Chiara: Exactly, I'm doing a distance learning bachelor's degree in marketing at iubh. Since I graduated from high school (“Gymnasium” in Germany), it was always my goal to study at a university. After I enjoyed the training in marketing so much, I decided to study at iubh. The whole thing takes place online and is therefore completely independent of location and time. But it is also very time-consuming and you need a lot of self-discipline and have to be able to organize yourself well. That's why I'm all the more happy that I had the opportunity to reduce my working hours at spo-comm and that I am always supported here.

Julia: That sounds really exciting. When do you plan to finish this?

Chiara: The standard period of study is 36 months, i.e. 3 years. Thanks to my IHK apprenticeship, I was able to have some of the content credited to me, which shortens my overall study time somewhat, as I no longer have to take certain modules. I started in April 2020 and should be finished with my studies by the end of 2022.

Julia: How do you like it in the spo-comm?

Chiara: Very good :) In addition to my tasks in marketing, which I really enjoy, I also get on really well with my colleagues. We are a colorful mix and it never gets boring. You can always count on support here. I also think it's great that I can contribute my ideas and that we can work independently here.

Julia: And we are happy that you are part of our team :)

Chiara: I am also happy to be here :)

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Apprenticeship in marketing communication at spo-comm

In February Chiara Murana completed her apprenticeship as a management assistant for marketing communication at spo-comm. Now it’s time to look back and talk about what’s next. We asked Chiara how her apprenticeship was and what she's actually doing now.
17 Nov 2020 Array ( [id] => 619 [title] => 10 good reasons for spo-comm Mini-IPCs [authorId] => [active] => 1 [shortDescription] => You are asking yourself, why you should choose Mini IPCs from spo-comm? We have 10 good reasons for you: [description] =>

1. Quality

The Systems offered by spo-comm GmbH are tested thoroughly and are suitable for 24/7 operations. All the components comply with industry standards and thus ensure a long, failsafe operating time. Furthermore all of our systems have a robust metal housing.

2. Equipment

All spo-comm Mini-PCs are equipped with industry-standard hardware. The used components are tested for compatibility as well as constant load and are therefore approved.

3. Fanless design

More than half of our solutions are passively cooled Mini-PCs. That means that there are no fans in the particular systems. This allows a more robust construction, almost silent working and also increases the durability of the IPCs.

4. Long-term availability

We guarantee that all spo-comm Mini-PCs are available over a period of five to seven years. This ensures, for instance, a lasting image- and software-compatibility.

5. Ports

Thanks to our various product lines we can ensure the necessary connectivity for any application. Well-tried ports like COM or VGA can be realized also with our newest platforms.

6. Custom manufacturing

Each of our systems is carefully assembled and completed in our production facility in Nuremberg to the wishes of our customers.

7. Power consumption

The chipsets and processors we use enable a high performance and energy efficiency at the same time. Many systems work with 15 watts of average load. Our Embedded-PCs of the upper class require a maximum of 40 to 50 watts.

8. OEM

On request we will gladly arise for you as “original equipment manufacturer” (OEM). We arrange everything from plain packaging over customized cases to system booting with your requested logo. Just get in touch!

9. Customizing

As manufacturer and developer we can provide, regarding to your needs, changes and adjustments to our spo-comm Mini-PCs. Depending on the project type and the size, a completely new product development is possible as well.

10. Warranty and service extensions

For all spo-comm Mini-PCs we provide warranty and service extensions up to 5 years. More information about our spo-comm SysCare Packs can be found here.

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10 good reasons for spo-comm Mini-IPCs

You are asking yourself, why you should choose Mini IPCs from spo-comm? We have 10 good reasons for you:
11 May 2020 Array ( [id] => 516 [title] => What's new? Update for the KUMO V and customer meetings 2.0 [authorId] => [active] => 1 [shortDescription] => The corona crisis dominates the news - even in the tech world. But we have some spo-comm company news for you. [description] =>

Update for the KUMO V: Now available with GTX 1660

The KUMO V, our latest high-end mini-PC for high-performance graphics applications, receives a small but nice update: From now on, the digital signage player, which is usually equipped with an Nvidia RTX 2060 graphics card, can also be ordered with an Nvidia GeForce GTX 1660. This scores with 6 GB DDR6 memory, 1408 CUDA cores and a KUMO entry price of 1,095.00 euros.

Meeting with social distancing: customer meeting 2.0 at spo-comm

At spo-comm we work as usual - of course with some adjustments to the current situation. In these times we want to be there for our customers and partners and advise you in the usual quality.

For this reason, we now want to offer virtual customer visits with our key account managers Mustafa Ergin, Martin Wiesneth and Hülya Ergin. If you are interested, simply contact us by email or phone (via or +49 911 23 98 37 - 0) to make an appointment or use the contact form on our website.

News from MSI: Successor for BRICK and WINDBOX II

The Taiwanese hardware manufacturer MSI IPC is one of our most important partners. We are currently busy developing the successor models for the BRICK series and our bestseller WINDBOX II Quad, which are to be launched this summer. The first tests are extremely promising.

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What's new? Update for the KUMO V and customer meetings 2.0

The corona crisis dominates the news - even in the tech world. But we have some spo-comm company news for you.