Corona virus: delivery is still possible

The new type of corona virus is on the rise. A breaking news chases the next, necessary measures are taken and the whole thing does not leave us without a trace. What is the current situation at spo-comm?

The good news first: We can still deliver our Mini-PCs! As of now, we continue to work without restriction. Employees who have to look after their children are now allowed to do mobile working. Customer visits and meetings were canceled. In addition, the entire workforce was comprehensively informed about hygiene measures and sufficient disinfectants were made available. Our production staff only works with gloves and keeps distance from each other.

Fortunately, our production is still well staffed and the goods are in stock, in consequence the production and delivery of our Mini-PCs is still going on. Our prices will also remain stable for the moment. If changes should arise in individual cases, we will contact the respective customer as soon as possible.

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