Ready for a new decade - this was 2019 at spo-comm

As in 2018, this year we asked the spo-comm management, CEO Michael Sporrer and CMO Bernd Moosmüller, again for an interview, to look back at 2019 and to give a little forecast for 2020.

spo-comm: Hello and thank you for taking your time. Please tell us, how was 2019 for you?

Michael Sporrer: Pleasing, yes and also quite successful. Our business figures are impressive. We gained exciting customers and deepened existing relationships. We owe this not least to our employees. The whole team did a really great job.

spo-comm: Speaking of the team ... we have grown again!
Michael Sporrer: Exactly. Two new trainees, Fabian and Felix, have started working in our production and service department in September. It has already been shown that those two are pretty capable. Our marketing has also grown and was able to perform several large projects ... But maybe Bernd would prefer to tell that himself.

Bernd Moosmüller: (laughs) With pleasure. After exhibiting at the ISE in Amsterdam in February, we held an event at the spo-comm headquarters for the first time in summer. As part of the Nürnberg Digital Festival, we invited to hear lectures on artificial intelligence and Nvidia CUDA. You shouldn't praise yourself, but we, or rather, our marketing department, did a really good job in organizing the event. The feedback from the participants was also very positive. That has really whetted our appetite.

spo-comm: It was definitely a great event. Are there already concrete plans for further events?

Bernd Moosmüller: I have a lot of ideas. Let's see what we can do about it. By all means, we will attend the ISE in February.
spo-comm: Unfortunately, this takes place in Amsterdam for the last time and then moves to Barcelona. What can we expect to be shown on our stand?

Michael Sporrer: We will present two great innovations with us. For one thing, the successor to our WINDBOX 2 series is already in the starting blocks. Secondly, there will finally be a new model for ultra-high-performance, high-end graphics. Anyone who knows our products can certainly imagine what it is. Starts with "K" ...

spo-comm: ... and ends with "UMO", right? I heard something about Nvidia Turing?

Michael Sporrer: (laughs) You're not entirely wrong. More details will be released at the beginning of 2020. We are all very excited about it!

spo-comm: Are there any other new products planned for next year?

Michael Sporrer: Yes, we are planning to add panel PCs to our product range again. During our visit to Taiwan in October, we already spoke to various existing and potential partners.

Bernd Moosmüller: Of course it's not that easy. As with all of our products, in the end we want to have a PC that is configurable and can be individually tailored to the applications and needs of our customers.

Michael Sporrer: But we are on the right track and hopefully will be able to present something new soon.

spo-comm: And what else can we look forward to in 2020?

Michael Sporrer: In the background people are busy working on other topics. We are currently renewing our entire internal IT infrastructure. In addition to faster servers, this also includes switching to cloud-based solutions. This enables our employees to work more and more independently and flexibly. This is essential, especially for home office and business trips.

Bernd Moosmüller: And then there's the big topic “new website”. We have been developing, testing and designing for months. We hope to be able to go live with our new web shop at the beginning of next year. And we can not only look forward to a modern and above all responsive design. There will also be some new features that will make our customers' lives a lot easier.

spo-comm: We are already very excited!

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