With fresh motivation into the new year – how was 2021?

A tradition that wants to be continued – for the fourth time in a row we asked for an interview. Together with spo-comm CEO Michael Sporrer and CMO Bernd Moosmüller we want to take a look back on the past year. Since 2020 was a bit of a challenge, we are excited to see how 2021 went.

Delivery capability, component shortages and a summary 

Marketing: Hello, you two! Thanks for taking the time to look back on 2021 with us. Unfortunately, we must see each other online on Teams and not live in our meeting room - but let´s make the best out of it. How was 2021 for you?
Michael Sporrer: We didn’t know exactly how things would continue this year, the order situation was initially unclear due to last year. Although we had a premonition of what was going to happen about the shortage of components and the pandemic, no one knew to what extent. In fact, the current shortage of components affects us more than the pandemic itself. Fortunately, it was already predictable towards the end of last year, which is why we were able to take good precautions, here also a special thank you to our loyal customers. I am very satisfied with this year, we were able to implement many projects, started others and what I am particularly pleased about is that we were able to deliver the entire year 2021. Overall, the year went well despite some hurdles, and we can be proud of how we managed it.

Home office commandment and team spirit 

Marketing: Unfortunately, we were still not completely spared by Covid this year – has the pandemic also left its mark this year?

Michael Sporrer: Of course, Covid leaves its mark. Especially on a personal level, it became clear that this time beats the mind of many. That’s why I’m even more proud of the entire team and want to say “Thank you!” to all colleagues for your cooperation and cohesion, whether in home office or on site!

spo-comm highlights from 2021

Marketing: Was there a situation, event or project in 2021 that has remained particularly in your mind?

Michael Sporrer: This year we had many interesting customer requests and projects. Whether “standard” requests or those that require image adjustments and a lot of support, there was something of everything. And of course, our existing clients also play a major role. Due to the challenging conditions, a great deal of exchange and dialogue was needed. For example, delivery dates were adhered and our customers are still very satisfied with us.

Bernd Moosmüller: But also, internal projects made me particularly excited. I was really impressed by what our team did independently about the further expansion of our key account management.

2022 – new products and projects

Marketing: Your prospects on the new year. What can we look forward to and what are your goals for 2022?

Michael Sporrer: We have planned a lot for 2022, after the last year was a bit bleak with new products. Many new interesting products are equipped with Intel’s 11th generation. There will be partly successors, partly completely new models for new markets (Note Marketing: Be excited to see what product we will be launching in January... ). Internally, we also want to achieve even more professionalism for the entire team by expanding the CRM system. Despite the difficult situation, we of course want to continue to be able to deliver and do so with good prospects. We are happy to be able to guarantee framework contracts and secure delivery dates with customers in the new year.

Bernd Moosmüller: At this point I think we can let a cat out of the bag: There will be successors of the WINDBOX III and the KUMO V. Closer communication with customers continues to be the focus, and we want to strengthen the dialogue with our customers, both virtual and on-site. In addition, the Windows 11 compatibility continues to play a big role, it is constantly being tested and we want to be able to offer the operating system (almost) completely by the end of next year. Over the past few years, we have always had stable prices, but the brevity will make it a challenge to keep prices constant, so we will probably have to work on it.

Our management’s favorite Mini-PCs

Marketing: Also, for you the question we normally ask in our team presentations. Which is your favorite PC?

Bernd Moosmüller: I am more of the traditional type, for me it’s still the WINDBOX II (Pro). A lot started with it, for 13 years it has remained unchanged from the design, has been constantly adapted to current CPU standards and is still in demand and in our portfolio, which is very impressive for me.

Michael Sporrer: I love all my Mini-PCs (laughs) our Mini-PCs. Everyone has their charm. That’s a complex question, what stands out of course is the KUMO V, because it clearly has our signature through the look and the content and is very impressive with the graphics unit on this size, that’s why the KUMO is the Mini-PC I would pull out for myself.

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