16 Nov 2022 Know-How

Good to know: Windows SAC or LTSC?

Our Mini-PCs can be equipped with various Windows licenses. Among other things, the terms Windows SAC and Windows LTSC appear. What are the differences and what are the application areas of these Windows Servers?
18 Aug 2022 Know-How

What is an Industrial PC? Part 6: DIN rails

As diverse as industrial applications can be, so diverse are our industrial PCs. For every application there is the right product in our product range. The use in control cabinets also entails various requirements for a Mini-PC. This also includes the so-called supporting rails, also known as DIN rails or DIN rails.
14 Jun 2022 Know-How

What’s New? Express delivery, ISO certificate & our BBQ party

With the midyear of 2022 comes a little more life into our headquarters, as well as a novelty in our product range: Our express delivery. Furthermore, we are ISO certified again.
29 Mar 2022 Know-How

Nice to know: BIOS - useful settings

The BIOS (Basic Input/Output System) is the firmware of a PC – a software that’s built into the hardware and has already been extensively examined on our blog. In this article, we explain which functions and settings are useful for the BIOS and what to consider if there is uncertainty.
18 Mar 2022 Know-How

What’s New? Windows 11 IoT and updates from our office

Slowly but surely, spring is coming to Nuremberg and brings, next to sunny days and a good mood, also news regarding the pandemic measures. Next to that, some of our Mini-PCs are now available with Windows 11 IoT.
24 Feb 2022 Know-How

Windows 11 – versions and comparison

In October last year Microsoft released the new Windows 11. As already known from previous licenses, different versions of this operating system are available. It is past time for us to clarify which versions of Windows 11 are available and what it can in comparison to Windows 10.
3 Feb 2022 Know-How

What’s New? New prices 2022 and the DIN-Rail PC

Right at the start of the new year, we have some important news for you. Next to our DIN Rail PC MOUNT Silver for completely new application fields, there’s also an adjusted price list for our product catalogue.
26 Jan 2022 Know-How

Nice to know: What is a DIN Rail mount?

Apposite to our newest product, the MOUNT Silver, which is equipped with a special interface, in this article we want to clarify: What is a DIN Rail mount? How it works, in which areas it is used and why it is important, we explain in this article.
20 Jan 2022 Know-How

The power input of the Mini-PC – Part 3: the control cabinet

A control cabinet brings its own challenges to a power input, since not every PC is suitable for a control cabinet from the outset, some points must be considered. At this point we continue with our current blog series about power inputs for Mini-PCs. We also clarify the necessary features, peculiarities and differences.
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