21 Jun 2021 Know-How

What is an SD card?

Whether in cameras or smartphones - almost every one of us has at least one SD card in use. We tell you which types of cards are available and which of our mini-PCs are equipped with a practical SD card slot.
9 Jun 2021 Know-How

WHAT’S NEW? Prices, deliveries and BOX N2930 is EOL

The pandemic causes trouble in the whole world, as well as for our Mini-PCs. In this article we explain what that means for our customers. Also: One of our BOX models is EOL.
9 Apr 2021 Know-How

What’s new? New spo-comm warranties and delivery problems of PC chips

The Corona pandemic now as before keeps many fields of the industry busy – amongst others the manufacturers of computer chips. What are the consequences for the spo-comm products and what does that mean for our customers? Also, as part of our new website and online shop we want to present our new warranties.
10 Jun 2020 Know-How

What is eMMC?

Many mobile devices and also some of our spo-comm Mini-PCs use eMMC as their storage. But what exactly is eMMC and what are the benefits of this storage media? We want to explain it to you in this article.
26 May 2020 Know-How

What is the chipset?

A Mini-PC has many different components that have to be controlled. This task is taken over by the chipset. Because the chipset is such a big part in a Mini-PC, we want to explain how it is built up and what the chipset is responsible for.
11 May 2020 Know-How

What's new? Update for the KUMO V and customer meetings 2.0

The corona crisis dominates the news - even in the tech world. But we have some spo-comm company news for you.
6 May 2020 Know-How

What is Flash Memory?

How is data stored in our smartphones? How do countless photos fit on a small SD card in the camera? With the same technology as for SSDs: the flash memory. We took a closer look at that.
14 Apr 2020 Know-How

Multi-Monitor with Nvidia GeForce and Quadro

A few weeks ago we already looked at how integrated graphics cards deal with Multi-Monitoring. Today it is all about the dedicated graphics cards GeForce and Quadro by Nvidia and what features they have.
1 Apr 2020 Know-How

What is SoC?

At the end of 2018 we launched our first ever one-chip-system, the TEGRA 2. Its special feature: It is based on a SoC-chip. What that is and which benefits this architecture has, we explain in this article.
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