6 Oct 2021 Know-How

What is PS/2?

Nowadays the PS/2 interface is barely used, even though its bright colors are an eye-catcher. What this port is used for and which of our Mini-PCs are equipped with a PS/2 port, we clarify in this article.
20 Sep 2021 Know-How

What is SIM?

When it comes to our smartphones or similar devices, we know immediately, what we are inserting a SIM card for. But why is a SIM card so important? The different types and formats of SIM cards and how they work are summarized in this article. And: Why do some of our Mini-PCs have a SIM card?
13 Sep 2021 Know-How

What’s new? Update for the MOVE QM87 and Windows 11

In September there’s also no slack insight, whether at spo-comm nor in the IT field in general. Microsoft causes confusion with Windows 11: On the one hand, it will be released sooner than expected, and on the other hand the list of supported CPUs was enlarged a little bit. Furthermore our MOVE series receives an update: The MOVE QM87 turns into the MOVE Q170.
17 Aug 2021 Know-How

What’s new? Windows 11 and something new for the NINETEEN Q370

Silly season? Not with us! Our NINETEEN Q370 is getting a new mainboard and we are already thinking about what we could do with the 10 USB interfaces. And then Microsoft surprisingly presented Windows 11. Of course, we had to take a closer look at that right away.
21 Jun 2021 Know-How

What is an SD card?

Whether in cameras or smartphones - almost every one of us has at least one SD card in use. We tell you which types of cards are available and which of our mini-PCs are equipped with a practical SD card slot.
9 Jun 2021 Know-How

WHAT’S NEW? Prices, deliveries and BOX N2930 is EOL

The pandemic causes trouble in the whole world, as well as for our Mini-PCs. In this article we explain what that means for our customers. Also: One of our BOX models is EOL.
9 Apr 2021 Know-How

What’s new? New spo-comm warranties and delivery problems of PC chips

The Corona pandemic now as before keeps many fields of the industry busy – amongst others the manufacturers of computer chips. What are the consequences for the spo-comm products and what does that mean for our customers? Also, as part of our new website and online shop we want to present our new warranties.
10 Jun 2020 Know-How

What is eMMC?

Many mobile devices and also some of our spo-comm Mini-PCs use eMMC as their storage. But what exactly is eMMC and what are the benefits of this storage media? We want to explain it to you in this article.
26 May 2020 Know-How

What is the chipset?

A Mini-PC has many different components that have to be controlled. This task is taken over by the chipset. Because the chipset is such a big part in a Mini-PC, we want to explain how it is built up and what the chipset is responsible for.
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