18 Apr 2024 Know-How

Nice to know: What is HDMI?

Probably the most famous interface in our series about multimedia interfaces answers to the name of HDMI. Its cables connect almost everything in the domestic entertainment system. In this article, we want to explain, what hides behind the interface and its fitting cables.
28 Mar 2024 Know-How

WHAT'S NEW? Team Day 2024, CORE 3 and new products

In keeping with spring and the good weather, our annual spo-comm Team Day took place, the CORE 3 is finally available and we can already announce more new products!
27 Mar 2024 Know-How

Good to know: What are IP addresses?

IP addresses play a crucial role in today's networked world. But what exactly is behind this seemingly simple string of characters? And how is it connected to other identification features such as the MAC address?
12 Mar 2024 Know-How

Nice to know: What are MAC addresses?

MAC addresses - this cryptic term is often thrown around when it comes to networks and communication between devices. But what exactly is a MAC address and what is it used for? We explain in this article.
1 Feb 2024 Know-How

WHAT'S NEW? Changes in our product range

We started 2024 with a new product category - our SQUARES. In addition, our CORE 2 is EOL after almost four and a half years, but there is no spo-comm product range without a CORE, right?
18 Jan 2024 Know-How

Nice to know: What are IP protection classes?

Electronic devices not only have to be powerful, they also must withstand environmental conditions. An often overlooked but important aspect here is the IP protection rating. We take a closer look at the significance of IP protection classes and explain why they are crucial for the longevity and functionality of electronic devices.
14 Nov 2023 Know-How

Nice to know: What is machine learning?

In an age of exponential growth in technology, machine learning is having a groundbreaking impact on various industries. Machine learning is a branch of artificial intelligence (AI). It involves computers learning to improve themselves from data and experience without being programmed separately.
20 Jun 2023 Know-How

What's New? Successor of the BOX N4100 and Team Event

Our BOX N4100 is going EOL, but the successor with various connections and Intel® Celeron® N6211 CPU is already available in our online shop. In addition, we are organising our spo-comm team event for 22 June at full speed.
10 May 2023 Know-How

What's new? Octane's rollout, ISO certificate and team building

We were at the rollout of High-Octane Motorsports e.V. for the 2023 season, our ISO certificate was renewed and we’re finally having a teambuilding event.
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