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14 Nov 2023 Know-How

Nice to know: What is machine learning?

In an age of exponential growth in technology, machine learning is having a groundbreaking impact on various industries. Machine learning is a branch of artificial intelligence (AI). It involves computers learning to improve themselves from data and experience without being programmed separately.
20 Jun 2023 Know-How

What's New? Successor of the BOX N4100 and Team Event

Our BOX N4100 is going EOL, but the successor with various connections and Intel® Celeron® N6211 CPU is already available in our online shop. In addition, we are organising our spo-comm team event for 22 June at full speed.
10 May 2023 Know-How

What's new? Octane's rollout, ISO certificate and team building

We were at the rollout of High-Octane Motorsports e.V. for the 2023 season, our ISO certificate was renewed and we’re finally having a teambuilding event.
25 Apr 2023 Know-How

What’s New? End of life for WINDBOX and Windows

One of our most popular systems – the WINDBOX III Evo – is end of life. Also, in regards to our operating systems we have some news: Windows 10 Pro is not available anymore. Which alternatives we have for you, you can reaaad in this article.
28 Feb 2023 Know-How

Nice to know: What is NVMe?

What exactly is the NVMe specification? In this article, we will clarify which advantages it brings with it, where its application areas are, and which similar standards still exist.
21 Feb 2023 Know-How

What's New? NOVA Q170 is EOL and online appointment booking

Our industrial all-rounder NOVA Q170 is EOL. Also, it is now even easier to contact us via our website, thanks to our new appointment booking tool.
16 Nov 2022 Know-How

Good to know: Windows SAC or LTSC?

Our Mini-PCs can be equipped with various Windows licenses. Among other things, the term Windows LTSC appears. What are the differences to Windows SAC and what are the application areas of these Windows Servers?
18 Aug 2022 Know-How

What is an Industrial PC? Part 6: DIN rails

As diverse as industrial applications can be, so diverse are our industrial PCs. For every application there is the right product in our product range. The use in control cabinets also entails various requirements for a Mini-PC. This also includes the so-called supporting rails, also known as DIN rails or DIN rails.
14 Jun 2022 Know-How

What’s New? Express delivery, ISO certificate & our BBQ party

With the midyear of 2022 comes a little more life into our headquarters, as well as a novelty in our product range: Our express delivery. Furthermore, we are ISO certified again.
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