Industrial PCs part 4: Compact design

What's better than a powerful, durable and robust PC? Well, it's clear: A SMALLer, powerful, durable and robust PC! Why a compact design for industrial PCs is an advantage, you will learn in the fourth part of our blog series.

Industrial PCs: Compact and space-saving

As an industrial PC, things are not easy: they have to be robust, energy-efficient and yet powerful. But as if that was not enough, they should also be weather and temperature resistant. The whole thing then still has to be as compact as possible and therefore space-saving. What sounds like a jack of all trades device, is basically exactly that: The all-in-one device suitable for every IT purpose. Why an industrial PC (also called Embedded-PC) should be like this, can be easily explained: In the world of companies and their product solutions, it often happens that there is not much space left in their scopes of application. Examples include ATMs, interactive touch solutions, emergency vehicles such as ambulances, machines or the backside of displays. However, computers can not be renounced, as they are the heart of many product solutions. The top maxim of the hardware developers is therefore to make the powerful systems even smaller and more efficient. The further development of PC systems is intended to ensure new potential and possible applications.

Shhh! Incidentally, the smallest industrial PCs, or Mini-PCs, from spo-comm, also fit in one's pocket. There is generally no reason for them to fit in there, but it's cool anyway. Just imagine the following scenario in a bar: "Is this a Mini-PC in your pocket, or are you just happy to see me?"

Ultra-compact design combined with monstrous power: The KUMO series from spo-comm makes it possible

The Mini-PCs from the KUMO series are sly old dogs: they are capable of playing content on 4 monitors simultaneously with a resolution of 4K @ 60Hz. The KUMO IV (Currently "End Of Life", November 2019) even brought 8K @ 60Hz on the scale, which describes a resolution of fabulous 7680x4320 pixels. Even Virtual Reality content and complex computational processes commissioned by artificial intelligence (see use case "Advertima AG") aren't a challenge for a KUMO. Hard to believe that this extraordinary performance is housed in a compact housing of just 200 x 205 x 80 mm (i.e. KUMO IV).

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