Nice to know: What is a DIN Rail mount?

Apposite to our newest product, the MOUNT Silver, which is equipped with a special interface, in this article we want to clarify: What is a DIN Rail mount? How it works, in which areas it is used and why it is important, we explain in this article.

The DIN Rail mount

A DIN Rail mount is a bracket usually made of synthetic material that is either fixed to the PC or can be purchased optionally for certain PCs. A DIN Rail clip ensures that the PC can be mounted or removed in control cabinets within the shortest time possible. Ultimately, DIN-Rails are mounting clamps that are used on compact Mini-PCs, such as those of the BRICK series or the MOUNT Silver. Without this bracket, the effort to place the PC in the control cabinet would be far too big, so it would be difficult to replace the PC.

To understand why a DIN Rail mount is important, we first want to explain what a control cabinet is, how it works and what its functions are.

How does a control cabinet work?

Such a cabinet contains electrical and electronic components of a process plant, machine tool or manufacturing facility which are not located in the machine itself. The control cabinet protects the built-in electrical engineering/ electronics from dirt, dust, water and mechanical effects, that may occur in industrial applications. Usually, it contains only clamping strips to clearly connect different electrical components of a system. PCs with a DIN rail mount, such as our MOUNT Silver, can also be attached to these terminal blocks.


spo-comm Mini-PCs with DIN rails:

The PCs of the BRICK series, the WINDBOX series or the MOUNT Silver are examples of spo-comm Mini-PCs that can be equipped with a DIN Rail mount or are already supplied with a fixed mount.
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