The power input of the Mini PC – Part 1: The standard

A connection for Mini-PCs without which nothing runs is the power connection. Since every system is equipped with such a connection, it is time to dedicate a blog series to the different power inputs for Mini-PCs. We're starting with the standard input, which is used most of the times.

The standard power input for Mini-PCs

What exactly is the standard for Mini PCs when it comes to power inputs? Speaking of the commercially available external 19V power supply. The wattage of the respective power supplies normally lies between 65 and 90 watts. The more powerful the computer is, the more wattage it needs. 

A good example is our high-end Mini-PC KUMO V, which is equipped with an Nvidia RTX2060. A 330W power supply ensures that the PC receives enough power to operate carelessly.

Features of the power input

Despite its unspectacular title ‘standard’, this power connector is not entirely without other features.

Depending on the manufacturer and the intended use, a distinction is made between a screw-on and a non-screw-on connection. A connector with screw-on power supply can be identified by the nut, which can be seen at the power input outside the housing (see Image 1). The fact that a current input can be screwed is particularly important in the industrial sector, as the cable cannot be pulled out by accident (described more precisely in this article). Also, external influences such as dust or moisture can no longer get inside the system due to the tight connection. 

Normally the power supplies are included in the delivery contents of our Mini PCs. Usually, the PCs are equipped with a DC-IN connector, which is a hollow connector that is used to power devices with DC voltage. Also visually, the standard connections are mostly identical.

More power inputs: Vehicle PCs and control cabinet

Of course, there are also special power inputs for extraordinary PC applications. When a Mini-PC is used in a vehicle, voltage peaks must be compensated, and in a control cabinet it is important that the PC works flexibly with the different cabinet configurations and with the different power supply solutions. In the second part of our series we take a closer look at the power input of vehicle PCs.

spo-comm Mini PCs with a standard power input:

The popular Mini PC models such as the entire WINDBOX series, BRICK series or the BOX series are supplied with standard power inputs. Also, the power supply is included in the delivery contents.

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