The power input of the Mini PC – Part 2: Vehicle PC

Another power input that deserves its own blog article is the one on the vehicle PC, it also has its very own features and is by now indispensable on the PCs. With this article we continue our blog series “Power Inputs for Mini-PCs" and summarize all features of the vehicle PC in it.

Special case vehicle PC: How does it work?

What are the differences between the power input on a vehicle PC and the standard power input? What features are necessary on a vehicle PC?

The basic role of the power input is the same as in every other Mini-PC: it provides the power to the PC! However, it is not that easy when using a PC in a vehicle. As you start a vehicle, so-called voltage peaks occur that must be compensated. This is ensured by a special wide range power input of 9-36 volts, in some cases it even goes up to 48 volts. You want to find out more about other features and tasks of a vehicle PC and why it is so important that it is cooled fanless? Read more in this article.

You can find spo-comm Mini-PCs with a wide range power input in our RUGGED-Series, these Mini-PCs are equipped with a five-pin input (see Image 1). In addition to the five-pin input there is also a tripolar power input (see Image 2) like the one on our MOVE Q170.

Wide range power input vs. standard: Differences

The standard power input usually comes with an external 19V power supply. The wide range connector can even withstand up to 48 volts, the power supply is usually screwed on and it’s not external. Also visually, the power connections differ enormously on the vehicle PC there is a difference between a 3 and 5 pin phoenix socket (mostly in green), while the standard power input usually uses a DC IN socket.

More power inputs: standard and control cabinet

Besides the special power input on the vehicle PC there are some more power inputs for other applications, for example in control cabinets or the classy standard.

spo-comm Mini-PCs with wide range power inputs

Our product range includes a variety of systems with wide range power inputs with three and five poles. The PCs of the RUGGED series, the MOVE series and the NOVA Q170 use phoenix sockets.


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