What’s new? Bluetooth 5, TPM and high demand for SSDs

A lot has happened in the last few weeks. This month we have some news about the new Bluetooth standard, the Trusted Platform Module and we explain the rising prices for SSDs. In addition: Product change in the spo-comm range and everything about Windows 10 IoT Enterprise.

Even faster, even better: Bluetooth 5

A few weeks ago, developers of the Bluetooth Special Interest Group (SIG) presented Bluetooth 5. The fifth version of the radio standard promises a faster data transmission, further distanced and thereby also saves energy in some cases. These changes mainly affect Bluetooth Low Energy (BLE) for small, current-saving systems. With these, the data rate can even double. Manufacturers of radio chips have already announced that the new standard will be available soon.

More security for Mini-PCs: Trusted Platform Module (TPM)

The Trusted Platform Module is a chip that is integrated into many systems and provides more security. The TPM can be used to encrypt a hard drive, identify a computer and detect changes, such as malware. More information about TPM and the spo-comm Systems possessing the chip, will soon be available on our blog.

Rising SSD prices due to high demand: Improvement is finally in sight

Due to the increased demand for NAND memories (=a type flash memory used for SSDs), the prices for SSDs have risen a lot in the recent months. This is because on the one hand SSDs are increasingly popular because of their multiple advantages. This also results in an increased demand for the more favorable so called TLC memory. On the other hand, NAND modules are also required for smartphones. While a price increase of up to 16% was expected for the first quarter, the situation should slowly ease in the second quarter.

It’s time for a change: WINDBOX II Plus goes EOL

Unfortunately everything has its end: Our very popular spo-book WINDBOX II Plus is End of Life (EOL) and is now completely replaced by the spo-book WINDBOX II Quad. Thanks to the same dimensions and also the same connections – only one USB was upgraded from 2.0 to the current 3.0 standard – the product change should not cause any problems. The WINDBOX II Quad also features a newer quad-core processor and Windows 10. Drivers for the old system are from now on available here.

Windows 10 IoT Enterprise: Find all information on our blog now!

It is hard to believe that our Windows 10 IoT weeks are already over. Over the past five weeks we’ve introduced you to a new topic every Tuesday: from general introductions, to the benefits of the OS, customizing and security features, to Microsoft’s new licensing policy. And if you do not have enough time to read, just take a look at our overview page. We have summarized the most important information short and sweet, just for you.

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