What’s new? From 4K@60 Hz up to DDR4 memory

With this entry we launch our new column in which we introduce trends and innovations in the IT world. Here and there we also want to have a look behind the scenes of spo-comm. In August we start with even smaller Mini-PCs, 4K@60Hz resolution and DDR4 memory.

Small, smaller, the smallest: Mini-PCs shrink from day to day

In the near future a couple of Mini-PCs will be launched, which are again considerably smaller than previous models at a comparable performance. Thanks to new production technologies not only the size of major components, such as CPUs,  are reduced, they will also consume less power. This allows smaller fans or heat sinks and consequently smaller housings. The downside: There is less room for connections.

Now even sharper: 4K@60Hz

With new systems the standards HDMI 2.0, DisplayPort 1.2 and higher are introduced increasingly. Thereby, many models of Mini-PCs for the digital signage market can easily display UHD movies and animations.

New storage technology: DDR4

From 2017, new PCs will be equipped with DDR4 memories. In addition to the higher clock speed, the maximum storage capacity of the RAM modules increases too. Mini-PCs from the mid- to high-performance class can therefore address up to 32 gigabytes of memory.

No more unplugged cables: Mount your digital connectors

Connectors which are exposed to mechanical influences can easily get lost without additional security. Therefore, the traditional DB9, DVI and VGA connectors are still popular because they can easily be secured with two screws. With newer standards this is slightly more difficult since in certain design guidelines a security option was rarely taken into account. With the USB port this is changing now – for the type C standard the first screw-plugs have been defined. spo-comm also tries to offer secure connections for as many systems and connectors as possible.  For Instance: Various systems are already equipped with screw-mode power supplies.

spo-book WINDBOX II Quad: Now with 4 GB RAM

The WINDBOX II Quad is the first spo-comm PC that is from now on equipped with 4 gigabytes of memory as standard. The price stays the same.

Tablet support rises: Consistent Windows licenses

Not only in the field of consumer devices (for instance Microsoft Surface Pro), but also in commercial environments tablets or handheld devices are increasingly offered with a full Microsoft operating system. The advantage is obvious: Separate apps do not need to be developed. Instead, the ERP or CRM systems used in the enterprise can be installed and used directly.

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