What’s New? Nvidia’s Tegra, internal processes at spo-comm and the problem with electronic components

In order to get in the right mood for the release of our new Mini-PC we want to explain what stands behind Tegra by Nvidia. We are also talking about the recent shortage and price increase of components in the electronics industry and furthermore we want to give you a little insight into the processes at spo-comm, regarding the updates of Windows and special images on our Mini-PCs.

Shortage of Electronics components

For quite a few months DRAM memory chips but also passive components such as MLCC condensers are on shortage. Since the recent demand is higher than what the producers can offer, these components have increased their price level.

Also spo-comm systems are affected by this shortage. For some of our Mini-PCs, for instance our spo-book WINDBOX II Quad, we and our suppliers have a higher lead time at the moment.

What does that mean for you? If you place a short-term order it may come to a longer delivery time. If you have any projects that require a fix delivery date please consider the possible longer delivery times.

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What stands behind Nvidia’s Tegra?

Nvidia’s Tegra stands for a system on a chip which is based on the ARM architecture. This system is mostly used for mobile devices, cars and tablet PCs. The Tegra includes a CPU, a memory and also a graphics chip with an integrated video en- and decoder.

A system such as the Tegra has its focus in the development of AI computers. Through certain developer kits that every Tegra chip has, even more special application scenarios for example Deep Learning, autonomous machines and multi-camera solutions can be done.

What stands behind our new Tegra system you will find out as soon as the Mini-PC is released.

Processes for Windows updates at spo-comm

We at spo-comm are constantly willing to install all Windows updates before we ship our Mini-PCs to our customers. It may come to delays with major Windows updates because of the time it takes to install them and also due to the case that they often contain patches right after their release. Also upgrading special customer images takes our employees a bit more time. If you want us to upgrade your image in shorter time distances, please contact us via mail or by phone. We will be happy to support you!

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