WHAT’S NEW? Prices, deliveries and BOX N2930 is EOL

The pandemic causes trouble in the whole world, as well as for our Mini-PCs. In this article we explain what that means for our customers. Also: One of our BOX models is EOL.

Delivery issues with PC components

We already mentioned in our last What’s New article, that there are massive problems with the availability of PC chips and other components. Unfortunately, that hasn’t changed. Thanks to our warehouse in Nürnberg and the assembly of our Mini-PCs in Germany, we are able to have a certain stock available so that we can still ensure short delivery times.  

To ensure a punctual delivery of our Mini-PCs – especially for (big) projects – we recommend our customers to contact our key account managers to talk about required amounts and, if possible, make forecasts.

New prices at spo-comm from June 14th 2021

Another consequence of the delivery shortage is the increase of prices. Up to a certain point we could carry these by ourselves. Unfortunately, now we are forced to raise our prices a little bit to adjust them to the current market conditions.

If you have any questions, please contact us. Our key account managers are there to help and give advice to you.

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BOX N2930 is EOL

Our BOX N2930 is no longer available and has no direct successor. But, our BOX series with the BOX N4100 and the BOX E3940 offers two super small systems, that withstand the high demands of digital signage applications. Robust, fanless and a volume of under 1 litre: That’s what the BOX models stand for.

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NEW: BOX E3940 – Digital signage on least small space

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