Which interfaces can we find on a Mini-PC?

The Mini-PCs from spo-comm all have the most different interfaces. Whether it is to connect TVs, printers, USB sticks or headphones: Everyone gets one’s money’s worth. But which interfaces are there in general?

Multimedia interfaces

There are several ways to transfer graphical content from a Mini-PC to a display. Our systems are equipped with these:


So far, so good. But how do these multimedia interfaces differ each other? We have summarized the answer in a separate blog article:

##VGA, DisplayPort, HDMI or DVI?

Audio connectors

Some of the multimedia interfaces mentioned above also transfer audio next to video signals. To transmit audio otherwise, our Mini-PCs are equipped with different audio inputs and outputs:

Connectors for external peripherie

To connect external peripheral devices, this includes printers, keyboards and also USB sticks, there are serial ports…


… and also the probably best known interface:

Additional storage space

In addition to the internal storage of a Mini-PC (HDD or SSD), some of our systems can also be stocked up with SD cards. On one side, they have a low power consumption, and on the other side, they have a high amount of storage space to safe the data externally.

Internet and network

Those who want to connect their Mini-PC to the Internet or an (internal) network, have different options.

Power supply

No mon’, sorry no power, no fun. That’s why there are:

Security features

Some of our Mini-PCs have also the possibility to protect them from theft.

Special applications

Our Mini-PCs are characterized by flexible applications.That´s why a little support needs to be provided from time to time in order to secure the PC perfectly and in the shortest time possible.

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