23 Jul 2021 Products

NEW: BOX J4125 – Ultra compact PC for Digital Signage

Our new mini-PC is the second smallest ever for spo-comm. It is called BOX J4125 and is perfectly equipped for applications in digital signage, industry and the KIOSK / POS field. All of that due to its performant Intel Celeron J4125 CPU, small dimensions and a perfect selection of interfaces.
18 May 2021 Products

NEW: WINDBOX II Pro – Professional all-rounder for digital signage and industry

In cooperation with MSI IPC spo-comm brings the new WINDBOX II Pro onto the market. With the current Intel Celeron J3455E processor and the option of connecting three 4K screens, the mini PC is even more professional than its predecessor and enables a multitude of possible uses.
4 Feb 2021 Products

New CPUs for CORE 2 and NANO H310

Update for two of our mini-PCs: CORE 2 and NANO H310 are now available with 9th generation Intel CPUs - and at the same price.
26 Jan 2021 Products

NEW: BRICK J3455E – Ultra power saving industrial PC

Together with our Taiwanese partner MSI IPC the BRICK J3455E was developed as the successor model of the BRICK J1900. As well as ist predecessor, the PC convinces with a performant Intel® Celeron® processor, as the name already suggests a J3455E. The special highlight of this PC: Ist variety of interfaces.
22 Jul 2020 Products

NEW: BRICK i3 7100U - The industrial allrounder

In cooperation with their technology partner MSI IPC, spo-comm has developed a follow-up model for the BRICK i3. As the name BRICK i3 7100U already suggests, the new CPU has received an update. Due to the guaranteed long-term availability, the connections and dimensions of the passively cooled housing remain unchanged.
8 Apr 2020 Products

NEW: NANO H310 – All-rounder with Desktop CPU

A new chipset for the NANO series: With the NANO H310, spo-comm is launching a digital signage player with a freely selectable, powerful desktop CPU. From the Intel Pentium to the eighth generation Core i7 there is a suitable processor for every solution – and it comes with a great entry-level price.
5 Feb 2020 Products

NEW: KUMO V - Digital Signage PC with Nvidia RTX 2060

Just in time for the ISE, spo-comm introduces a new digital signage player for high-end graphics performance: the KUMO V. The newcomer is equipped with an Intel Core i5 processor and – what’s even more exciting - an Nvidia RTX 2060 graphics card.
14 Aug 2019 Products

NEW: CORE 2 – Compact Digital Signage player with desktop CPU

News for the digital signage market: Almost three years after introducing the CORE series, spo-comm launches the successor CORE 2. Just like its predecessor, the Mini-PC is 4K capable and convinces with its excellent price/performance ratio. But new is though: the CPU is now freely selectable. From the Intel Pentium to the i7 processor, we got the right solution for every application.
22 Jul 2019 Products

NEW: KUMO Ryzen – High end digital signage powered by AMD

With the KUMO Ryzen the spo-comm presents another AMD based Mini-PC. The AMD® Ryzen V1807 CPU and the integrated AMD® VEGA 11 GPU provide a graphics power that enables digital signage applications in the high end field.
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