3 May 2023 Products

EOL: The RUGGED GTX 1050Ti is leaving

After a long and steady period in our product portfolio, one of the spo-comm RUGGED PCs is leaving us.
6 Mar 2023 Products

NEW: WINDBOX III Ultra – Our updated allrounder PC

The WINDBOX series is one of the most versatile and popular in the spo-comm product range. The systems developed in cooperation with MSI IPC stand for a flat design, low power consumption and their many possible application fields. The latest system is called WINDBOX III Ultra and, as usual, combines the mentioned aspects.
24 Jan 2023 Products

NEW: KUMO VI – Power package for demanding Digital Signage 

As known for the KUMO series, also the latest PC KUMO VI is perfectly made for applications in the digital signage field. The combination of the performant CPU and a dedicated graphics card and all the right interfaces, prepares the system for Artificial Intelligence, Machine Learning and so much more. 
15 Sep 2022 Products

The product series from spo-comm – outdoor PCs

We have already presented many of our application areas, but this series of articles is far from over. We continue with our outdoor PCs.
9 Feb 2022 Products

The product series from spo-comm - control cabinet PCs

With the release of a special Mini-PC, a completely new product series has opened among the spo-comm Mini-PCs. From industrial control to Digital Signage to the WINDBOX or MOVE series, a lot was already presented on our blog. But what is still missing, are the Mini-PCs for control cabinets.
12 Jan 2022 Products

NEW: The MOUNT Silver – An industrial PC for control cabinets

We’re starting the new year with a new product from the house spo-comm – a new industrial PC with new and already known features. The MOUNT Silver impresses with its diverse connections, fanless cooling and low power consumption, making it ideally suited for a wide range of industrial applications.
23 Jul 2021 Products

NEW: BOX J4125 – Ultra compact PC for Digital Signage

Our new mini-PC is the second smallest ever for spo-comm. It is called BOX J4125 and is perfectly equipped for applications in digital signage, industry and the KIOSK / POS field. All of that due to its performant Intel Celeron J4125 CPU, small dimensions and a perfect selection of interfaces.
18 May 2021 Products

NEW: WINDBOX II Pro – The professional allrounder

In cooperation with MSI IPC spo-comm brings the new WINDBOX II Pro onto the market. With the current Intel Celeron J3455E processor and the option of connecting three 4K screens, the mini PC is even more professional than its predecessor and enables a multitude of possible uses.
4 Feb 2021 Products

New CPUs for CORE 2 and NANO H310

Update for two of our mini-PCs: CORE 2 and NANO H310 are now available with 9th generation Intel CPUs - and at the same price.
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