2 Jul 2024 Products

NEW: BRICK i3 N305 - fanless industrial PC

Thanks to the extended temperature range, a wide range power input and various connections, our latest system BRICK i3 N305 is the perfect companion for a wide range of industrial applications.
25 Jun 2024 Products

The product series from spo-comm – Tablet PCs

Currently, there is a lot of change and movement when it comes to spo-comm Min-PCs. For this reason, it is time for another article about the different series of our product portfolio - today: Tablet PCs.
18 Jun 2024 Products

NEW: RUGGED Q670E - Robust PC for the industry and outdoor

The RUGGED Q670E is equipped with an Intel® Core™ i5-12500TE CPU, 16GB RAM and a 512 GB NVMe SSD. These features are paired with a fanless housing and an extended temperature range of -20°C to +60°C. Like that, the system can be used both indoors and outdoors.
8 May 2024 Products

NEW: RUGGED Tab 8A – Entry-Level-Tablet

With its integrated Android 12 operating system, integrated CPU, RAM and SSD, the RUGGED Tab 8A complements the product range of spo-comm industrial tablets in the entry-level range and is suitable for industry and logistics.
7 May 2024 Products

NEW: RUGGED Tab 10 i5 – High-End-Tablet for logistics

The RUGGED Tab 10 i5 with its many accessories is the perfect companion for demanding software and applications. The system thus completes the spo-comm industrial tablets in the high-end range.
30 Apr 2024 Products

NEW: ONE H610 - Entry level PC for Digital Signage

Our new product category of entry-level industrial PCs includes the ONE H610. Thanks to its high-performance CPU and various connections, this is perfect for the digital signage area and also as a thin client.
24 Apr 2024 Products

The spo-comm Mini PC series – Industrial Control

To control machines in warehouses or to automatize warehouse systems, Mini-PCs can be connected to those machines. Harsh working environments such as dust, moist air or, for example, sawdust bring Mini-PCs to their limits. For many of our Mini-PCs even such conditions are no problem.
23 Apr 2024 Products

NEW: ONE J6412 - Entry level PC for the industry

To complete the ONE series, the ONE J6412 is still missing. This Mini-PC is passively cooled and made for the industrial sector. As an entry-level PC, it is suitable for all price-sensitive applications and is characterized by its various interfaces.
16 Apr 2024 Products

NEW: ONE i5 - Entry level PC for multi monitoring

The ONE i5 belongs to the category of entry-level industrial PCs that are perfect for price-sensitive applications. Thanks to a total of four video outputs with a resolution of up to 8K, the system is ideal for multi-monitor use. Thanks to various connections, such as the HDMI-In, the PC is also suitable for streamers.
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