NEW: spo-book WINDBOX III EVO – Configuration diversity for every application field

Together with the Taiwanese partner MSI IPC the spo-comm developed a new Mini-PC from the well-known WINDBOX series. We present to you: The WINDBOX III EVO. With the already existing quality of the WINDBOX series that stands for a versatile application scenario, its reliability and an unbeatable price, the new model of this line convinces us, too.

As well as the predecessor models, the WINDBOX III EVO has the measurements 300 x 196 x 30 mm and can still be mounted behind monitors or under office desks by help of the standard VESA-mountings (see also “What is VESA?”). It also has the same weight as the older models which makes it really easy to integrate the PC into already existing systems.

Improved performance and consistent WINDBOX features

Our new spo-book WINDBOX III EVO is equipped with a seventh generation Intel Core i5 processor that works with up to 3,1 Gigahertz and is supported by a RAM where you can choose up to 32GB. Thereby demanding multi monitoring is possible but also single running applications can use the CPU performance perfectly. The main feature of the WINDBOX is still the passive cooling system: Absolute silent working in places where this is totally necessary is no problem. With the wide range temperature from -10° Celsius to 50° Celsius and the completely closed metal housing, through which dust and dirt can’t reach the interior, this Mini-PC can be used for applications with difficult conditions. The high quality of the components makes sure the Embedded-PC can be used 24/7.

Interface diversity for every application field

With the large amount of video outputs the WINDBOX III EVO conquers the Digital Signage field in a new way: One DVI- and two DisplayPort-interfaces can control up to three monitors at the same time – no matter if you want to play the same or different content (see also “VGA, DisplayPort, HDMI, DVI – what’s the difference between these multimedia interfaces?”). The high claims of this application field are for sure fulfilled by this Embedded-PC: Without any delays 4K-content can be played. The standard of 1080p in the Digital-Signage field is also removed by this.

The high variety of interfaces guarantees that the WINDBOX III EVO can work together with already existing configurations. Due to two Gigabit-LAN-interfaces and an optional WiFi and Bluetooth network connections can be made, but also wireless data transfer is possible.

Equipped with 6 USB ports – four of them after the latest 3.0 standard – the Mini-PC can be connected to numerous systems and external storage media. By choosing your desired configuration the WINDBOX III EVO can be adapted to every application scenario.

No Windows 7 support

As of now, Intel and Microsoft do not longer provide a driver support for Kabylake-CPUs with Windows 7. For our customers this means that in the future we only offer support for Windows 10.

With immediate effect you can configure, test and buy our new WINDBOX III EVO on our website.

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