spo-comm and MSI IPC: 10 years of cooperation

Since almost 10 years spo-comm and MSI IPC have been working together. At the very beginning of this cooperation a new Mini-PC was launched – the WINDBOX. This series is celebrating its 10 year anniversary soon and we would like to share the WINDBOX’s story at spo-comm with you.

The WINDBOX: high performing professional Mini-PC

In 2008 MSI IPC (Micro Star International) presented the first system of the WINDBOX series, which was directly added to spo-comm’s sales range. The WINDBOX was designed for professional applications and had a low power consumption thanks to its metal housing and passive cooling system.

The compact design made it possible to assemble the WINDBOX with any flat screen with VESA holes by using mountings (see also “What is VESA?”). This is one of the reasons why the WINDBOX has such a multi-purpose range of applications – whether as an Embedded PC or Industrial PC, as a digital signage player or as a workstation in the logistics. All of these characteristics form the basis for the whole WINDBOX series.

From HDMI to Dual Core CPU: Technical updates for the WINDBOX

Through the years there have been several technical updates, but also design improvements of the WINDBOX series. Today the WINDBOX is up-to-date referred to its interfaces, such as HDMI or USB 3.0, and there’s even the possibility to connect with mobile networks via UMTS or LTE.

In 2010 the first Mini-PC of the series III – t – was released. Using a Dual Core CPU and the first Intel HD graphics, it was now possible to complete even more demanding operations.

The easy handling, its reliability and the attractive price make the WINDBOX a success model.

The future of the WINDBOX

Together with MSI IPC we are working on further developing the WINDBOX series. We constantly keep on searching for solutions to integrate the newest features in the same built housings. We will keep you updated regarding the potential successor models.

At the moment you can find the following systems of the WINDBOX series in our range:


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