The Mini-PC product series from spo-comm – Industrial PCs

To control machines in warehouses or to automatize warehouse systems, Mini-PCs can be connected to those machines. Harsh working environments such as dust, moist air or, for example, sawdust bring Mini-PCs to their limits. For many of our Mini-PCs even such conditions are no problem.

spo-book RUGGED HM87

The design of our RUGGED HM87 makes this Industrial PC very compact. Especially adverse outdoor conditions are no problem for this Mini-PC – it can stand temperatures from minus 30 degrees to plus 60 degrees Celsius.  Thanks to the free selectable RAM this model from the RUGGED series is easy to adapt to one’s requested requirements.  

Key data:

•    CPU: Intel® Core i3-4010U, 2 x 1,7 GHz
•    Free selectable RAM up to 8GB
•    HDD or SSD available

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spo-book NOVA CUBE Q87

Even the NOVA CUBE Q87 impresses with its wide range temperature from minus 10 degrees to plus 50 degrees Celsius. The combination of the solid metal housing and a passive cooling system make the NOVA CUBE Q87 an almost perfect solution for monitoring and logistics applications in the industrial field. For its processor you can decide between the Intel dual Core G1280TE and the Core i5-4570TE. This makes it possible to display different content on up to three monitors. You even get a wide-range power adapter from 9V to 32V with the NOVA CUBE.

Key data:

•    CPU: Intel® Core i5-4570TE or Intel® dual Core G1280TE
•    16-fold PCIe and 3-fold PCI

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spo-book TURO Q87

Just 5cm height prepare the TURO Q87 perfectly for applications that need a high CPU power although there’s not much space to fit the Mini-PC. The model offers an adaptable desktop CPU from Intel dual Core to Quad Core i7. This industrial minicomputer makes it possible to play 4K content on up to 3 monitors.

Key data:

•    Adaptable desktop CPU up to Intel Quad Core i7
•    Combination of powerful CPU and flat metal housing

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spo-book BOX N2930

The key feature of our Embedded-PC BOX N2930 is its extremely small and compact design, together with that it has high power. It is the first spo-book that has an integrated SSD as a standard. The passive cooling system and the robust metal housing make the BOX N2930 perfect for the application under extreme conditions such as dusty warehouses.

Key data:

•    CPU: Intel® Celeron N2930
•    Size 130*40*110 and a volume of just 0,6 liters
•    Integrated SSD as standard

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