The product series from spo-comm – outdoor PCs

We have already presented many of our application areas, but this series of articles is far from over. We continue with our outdoor PCs.

Mini PCs for outdoor applications

From digital signage to industrial control andvehicle computing to the use in the control cabinets – our spo-comm Mini-PCs are capable of a lot! But what criteria does an outdoor PC have to meet? 

Whether fanless cooling or extended temperature range, a Mini PC must have these characteristics in order to be able to claim the title of an outdoor PC. These PCs are used, for example, in vehicles or in digital signage, for digital out of home advertising in pedestrian areas, on construction sites and customs vehicles or in ATMs. 


The RUGGED series

RUGGED Ryzen, GTX1050 Ti or Q170 – the spo-comm RUGGED PCs stand out due to their robust, passive cooled housing. Furthermore they are still fully operational at temperatures between -40°C and +70°C. Depending on the system they also shine with a wide range power input at 9 to 48V, which can intercept voltage peaks and therefore can be used in vehicles.  

Thanks to the combination of a powerful CPU and high performance Nvidia or AMD graphics card they are perfect for digital signage applications. Additionally, the RUGGEDs can be fitted perfectly to special needs due to optional extensions like LAN, PoE, 4G or GPS. 


More about our outdoor PCs: 

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