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DatumWednesday, 14.November 2018 KategorieCompany

"Best Partner" award 2018

We are looking back at a very successful year. A very big part of this we have to owe to the excellent partnership with our Taiwanese partner MSI IPC. As the highlight at the end of this thriving business year the spo-comm was honored with the “Best Partner” award 2018 at the electronica in Munich.

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DatumWednesday, 07.November 2018 KategorieProducts

Our spo-book QUADRO P1000

The new system in the spo-comm product range has the name spo-book QUADRO P1000. The namesake graphics card and the Intel® Core i5-7300U CPU with 2.6 and up to 3.5 GHz make the Mini-PC a perfect partner for digital signage applications.

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DatumWednesday, 31.October 2018 KategorieKnow How

Mic-In and Line-Out on our WINDBOX II Quad

Every one of us probably has used the audio connector at least once. In its most popular specification the connector is used for headphones for instance. It also has a lot of different application scenarios and specifications, which we want to explain you in this article.

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DatumTuesday, 23.October 2018 KategorieKnow How

SPDIF port on our WINDBOX III Evo

Today we are sharing an article, in which we want to tell you about the interface SPDIF. Although it is mostly used in the consumer electronics field, some of our Mini-PCs are equipped with this port. In this article you will find what defines SPDIF, what it is used for and how it does compared to HDMI.

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DatumWednesday, 10.October 2018 KategorieProducts

The new spo-book NOVA Q170

The latest extension in the spo-comm product range is the spo-book NOVA Q170. As the successor of the industrial Mini-PC NOVA CUBE Q87, the NOVA Q170 again proves its versatility. The Mini-PC, which grows out of the cooperation with MSI IPC, is standardly equipped with an Intel® Pentium® G4400. At will the CPU can be changed to a sixth generation Intel® Core i5 CPU or an i7 of the seventh generation. Depending on the chosen CPU the power ranges from 3.3 GHz with the G4400 up to 3.9 GHz with the i7-7700T. The NOVA Q170 is, just like its predecessor, passively cooled and provides, next to a range of interfaces, a PCI, a PCI express and a Mini-PCI express slot. Also digital signage interested people come at their expense when combining the industrial PC with an extremely performant graphics card, such as the Nvidia Quadro P2000.

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