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DatumTuesday, 22.May 2018 KategorieProducts

Our new spo-book WINDBOX III EVO

Together with the Taiwanese partner MSI IPC the spo-comm developed a new Mini-PC from the well-known WINDBOX series. We present to you: The WINDBOX III EVO. With the already existing quality of the WINDBOX series that stands for a versatile application scenario, its reliability and an unbeatable price, the new model of this line convinces us, too.

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DatumFriday, 04.May 2018 KategorieKnow How

Next Generation Spectre

Since the beginning of 2018 the security holes Spectre and Meltdown, that were found in Intel CPUs are on everyone’s lips. Just now that there are some helpful updates, researchers found new – even more – security holes in these processors.

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DatumFriday, 27.April 2018 KategorieKnow How

Spectre and Meltdown

Owners of older PCs with Windows 10 are waiting desperately for BIOS updates. The affected CPUs need these updates to protect Windows 10 against Spectre (variant 2) – but Microsoft doesn’t provide them. As an alternative there is now an optional Windows update.

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DatumWednesday, 25.April 2018 KategorieCompany

Examination Certificate

After two and a half years our trainees Alex Gill and Anna Greul finally made it! They’ve successfully passed their written and oral examinations one month ago.

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DatumThursday, 29.March 2018 KategorieKnow How

The security holes Spectre and Meltdown

After the occurrence of Spectre and Meltdown at the beginning of this year it got fairly quiet about these processor security holes. Intel’s CEO, Brian Krzanich published a post regarding the security problems Spectre and Meltdown and explains that Intel is going to continue mitigating their effects and what was already done against those exploits.

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