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DatumThursday, 22.June 2017 KategorieKnow How

Trusted Platform Module

Whoever works with sensitive data every day, tries to secure them as good as possible. One way to encrypt data is the Trusted Platform Module (TPM). In the first article of our new series about security, we will explain what this is all about.

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DatumFriday, 09.June 2017 KategorieCompany

Raspberry Pi in a Gameboy housing

Working independently and implementing own projects in the daily routine are a matter of course at spo-comm, even for our trainees during their apprenticeship. This, for instance, shows the final project of one of our trainees Erwin Seliverstov. A single-board computer integrated in a Gameboy housing? That’s not a problem for our future IT systems technician.

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DatumWednesday, 24.May 2017 KategorieKnow How

It is likely that Intel will introduce a Core i9 processor for the first time, smart cities and smart transportation are the new trend for the internet of things and spo-comm reacts to Intel’s AMT problem. Also new: 4G modules and cables are now in the spo-comm product range, categorized as accessories.

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DatumMonday, 22.May 2017 KategorieCompany

Nuremberg Web Week

For the fifth time, the Nuremberg Web Week offered digital natives the opportunity to network. The main focuses of the Web Week from the 15th to 22nd of May were events and lectures on digital topics such as online marketing, eCommerce, web development and virtual reality.

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DatumFriday, 05.May 2017 KategorieCompany

Logo ISO 9001:2015

spo-comm is now certified according to DIN EN ISO 9001:2015. But what does that actually mean?

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