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DatumTuesday, 26.May 2020 KategorieKnow How

What is the chipset?

A Mini-PC has many different components that have to be controlled. This task is taken over by the chipset. Because the chipset is such a big part in a Mini-PC, we want to explain how it is built up and what the chipset is responsible for.

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DatumFriday, 08.May 2020 KategorieKnow How

Whats new 2020

The corona crisis dominates the news - even in the tech world. But we have some spo-comm company news for you.

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DatumWednesday, 06.May 2020 KategorieKnow How

What is Flash memory

How is data stored in our smartphones? How do countless photos fit on a small SD card in the camera? With the same technology as for SSDs: the flash memory. We took a closer look at that.

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DatumWednesday, 08.April 2020 KategorieProducts

Front panel of NANO H310

A new chipset for the NANO series: With the NANO H310, spo-comm is launching a digital signage player with a freely selectable, powerful desktop CPU. From the Intel Pentium to the eighth generation Core i7 there is a suitable processor for every solution – and it comes with a great entry-level price.

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DatumWednesday, 01.April 2020 KategorieKnow How

What is SoC?

At the end of 2018 we launched our first ever one-chip-system, the TEGRA 2. Its special feature: It is based on a SoC-chip. What that is and which benefits this architecture has, we explain in this article.

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