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DatumMonday, 07.October 2019 KategorieKnow How

What is VGA?

There are several ways on how to transmit content from a Mini-PC to a display. Today we want to talk about the probably oldest multimedia interface: VGA.

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DatumWednesday, 02.October 2019 KategorieKnow How


The terms SMA, RP-SMA and the associated sockets and antennas, which are referred to as male and female, easily cause confusion. So that the screw always fits the nut, we want to take a closer look at the various connection options of Wi-Fi and GPS antennas.

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DatumThursday, 26.September 2019 KategorieKnow How

What's New september 2019

In the last months there was no scent of a silly season in the IT field at all. Also September had plenty to offer: The market shares of AMD are growing to a top level, whereas the prices of their AMD Ryzen processors drop. The competitor Intel releases special processors for Artificial Intelligence and furthermore, the USB 4 specification was adopted.

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DatumFriday, 06.September 2019 KategorieKnow How

Ports of our NOVA Q170

The Mini-PCs from spo-comm all have the most different interfaces. Whether it is to connect TVs, printers, USB sticks or headphones: Everyone gets one’s money’s worth. But which interfaces are there in general?

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DatumThursday, 05.September 2019 KategorieKnow How

Kensington Security Slot on the NOVA Q170

Many of our Mini-PCs especially those in the Digital Signage field, are often used in public places such as fairs or advertising panels. Where there are many people, there is also a risk of thieves. To protect against this risk, the Kensington Lock has proven itself. Read on to learn what stands behind this port and how it works.

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