Corporate News about spo-comm

DatumWednesday, 31.July 2019 KategorieCompany

We are spo-comm: Our service

Before our marketing can promote the latest spo-comm Mini-PCs or the sales department can sell them to our customers, the systems have to be tested extensively. But also Mini-PCs that are already in use can sometimes show some hardware or software errors, which have to be fixed. For all of this we have our two colleagues Alex and Werner from the service department.

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DatumThursday, 18.July 2019 KategorieCompany

Nuremberg Digital Festival 2019

On the 16th of July everything at spo-comm was about "AI AI Captain! CUDA goes artificial intelligence". The spo-comm was wrapped in the yellow color of the Nuremberg Digital Festival for the whole day. In addition to Norbert Kuperjans, from PC Partner, who led us through the impressive and interesting history of graphics cards and CUDA, Christian Bahrendt from Advertima AG was also on-site as speaker and presented their AI of the same name.

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DatumTuesday, 11.June 2019 KategorieCompany

Save the date: 16.07.19! For the first time spo-comm will be organizing an event of the Nuremberg Digital Festival. Under the flag of the programming technology "CUDA" by NVIDIA, this day is all about what graphics cards in general, or more precisely CUDA, can contribute to artificial intelligence. You are already wondering what you can expect on our event? READ ON!

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DatumThursday, 16.May 2019 KategorieCompany

We are spo-comm: Our sales team

Since we already introduced our production and marketing in the last weeks, the series continues with our sales department.

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DatumFriday, 10.May 2019 KategorieCompany

As part of the Digital Festival 2019, spo-comm also participates in it for the first time as an organizer and not only as a visitor. Under the title "AI AI CAPTAIN! CUDA goes Artificial Intelligence", we dedicate half a day to CUDA programming technology and what it contributes to Artificial Intelligence. On board are Norbert Kuperjans from PC Partner and Christian Bahrendt from Advertima. Here is a small view of who we are looking forward to!

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