What’s new? Zen 3 and Intel Xeon

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There are news from the IT world: AMD announces Zen 3, Intel introduces new CPUs, lowers ist prices and has again delivery problems. Meanwhile spo-comm says goodbye for the time being, to the last panel PC from the range.

Zen 3 comes in 2020: AMD reveals details

AMD recently announced the first details of the Zen 3 architecture. The new processors will offer a huge increase in performance and a higher clockrate than Zen 2 CPUs. This is made possible by a completely new design of the so-called chiplet design. A chiplet called "Compute Cache Die" (CCD) previously consisted of two quadcore clusters called the Compute Core Complex (CCX). At Zen 3, all eight cores are now in one CCD and thus in one CPU chiplet. The benefit of this is a common level 3 cache that all cores can access directly and with equal speed.

AMD manufactures Zen 3 in the so-called 7nm+ process. The new processors will be released in the second half of 2020 and be compatible with the current sockets. At the same time, work is already going on with Zen 4 (planned for 2021/2022) and Zen 5. In which technique these are made, is still unclear.

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Price war: Intel CPUs are getting cheaper

Intel recently introduced new Core-X and Xeon processors. Although these are still produced in the 14nm process, they score with higher base and boost clock rates as well as faster memory. Despite the increase in performance, the new models cost only half as much as their predecessors. Intel is reacting to the strong competition from AMD and now offers its processors at a similar price to comparable AMD CPUs.

Shortly thereafter, Intel has also lowered the prices for the ninth generation of the "F" CPUs. Above all, the high-end gaming sector benefits from the competition, since the core CPUs with the suffix "F" have no integrated graphics unit and are mainly used in cases where a high-performance graphics card is available anyway.

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Never ending story? Intel once again with delivery issues

Intel's CEO Bob Swan has once again confirmed delivery problems with 14nm processors. Production capacity has been increased, but inventories are completely exhausted, leaving them short by the end of 2019. In addition, it runs rather slow with the 10-nm production and desktop and server CPUs will probably continue to be produced in 14-nm process. Nevertheless, Intel announces that it plans to produce the first 7nm processors in 2021, and evidence is gathering that 10nm production will soon be extended to more models.

Source: techcrunch.com.

End of life: SQUARE 15 is no longer available

spo-comm says goodbye to its Panel PC SQUARE 15 which is no longer available. We do not yet have a successor, but we are busy making plans and, let it be known, not just keeping it at 15 inches.

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