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DatumMonday, 19.December 2016 KategorieKnow How

Various scopes for Mini-PCs: Rugged, Office, warehouse and Digital Signage

Computers in general are mostly associated with the pure office routine. But only few know that Mini-PCs are mostly used in other fields. In the following text we want to give a little insight where, amongst others, the Mini-PCs of spo-comm can be found.

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DatumFriday, 09.December 2016 KategorieKnow How

VR glasses HTC VIVE

At the end of the year we are talking about a topic that is on everyone’s lips: Virtual reality, which is also important for industry 4.0. Furthermore we look at two special features of our vehicle PCs.

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DatumTuesday, 29.November 2016 KategorieKnow How

Intel Core i5-6600T, 4 x 2.7 GHz

The fact, that the CPU is the processor of a computer or Mini-PC is most probably well known. But what tasks does it actually have and what is hidden behind the terms clock frequency, bus system and multi-threading?

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DatumWednesday, 16.November 2016 KategorieCompany

ISE 2017

The spo-comm GmbH is proudly exhibiting again at the ISE in Amsterdam – February 7th to 10th, 2017 – and will show current IPC systems, new products and also our first take in direction of Virtual Reality. Get your free e-ticket and visit us at our booth in hall 8.

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DatumThursday, 10.November 2016 KategorieKnow How

Geforce GTX 10 series

The November news are all about the latest technologies: NVIDIA graphics cards, new Intel CPUs for embedded systems and 4G networks.

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