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DatumMonday, 07.August 2017 KategorieProducts

The new spo-book NANO H110 brings a breath of fresh air to the well-known NANO series. spo-comm has built a powerful desktop CPU into this slim metal housing. If you're looking for sophisticated graphics applications with an outstanding price/performance ratio, this Mini-PC can do the job with no problems!

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DatumWednesday, 22.March 2017 KategorieProducts

spo-book MOVE N3160 Back

With the spo-book MOVE N3160, spo-comm GmbH is bringing its range of Vehicle-PCs up to date. With its quad-core CPU and numerous special features, this fanless Mini-PC is the perfect introduction to the world of vehicle computing.

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DatumThursday, 23.February 2017 KategorieProducts

spo-book KUMO IV Front

At the ISE 2017 in Amsterdam, spo-comm has already presented its new high-end Mini-PC, the spo-book KUMO IV, and demonstrated its VR capability live. The dedicated nVidia graphics card, the compact enclosure and the barely audible fans were immediately of interest and showed that the market is ripe for an industrial PC of the extra class.

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DatumWednesday, 14.December 2016 KategorieProducts

Front of spo-book MOVE QM87

Our spo-book MOVE QM77, a vehicle-PC with fanless cooling, is pulled from the store and is replaced by the new spo-book MOVE QM87.

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DatumWednesday, 23.November 2016 KategorieProducts

The spo-book MOVE QM87 is a vehicle solution with a powerful Intel Core i5 CPU, fanless heat management and numerous additional features.

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