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DatumTuesday, 13.March 2018 KategorieProducts

Our spo-book RUGGED Q170 (front)

Our spo-book RUGGED Q170 doesn’t only convince with its sixth generation Intel® Core i5 CPU or its free selectable RAM (up to 32 GB), but also with a feature, that is totally new in the history of spo-comm. Besides the usual application field of the RUGGED series – which is especially the outdoor use – the newcomer also conquers new areas of application.

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DatumWednesday, 06.December 2017 KategorieProducts

The two models of our WINDBOX series: WINDBOX II Quad (back) and WINDBOX III Advanced (front)

To crown our series of articles about our product range we will introduce our WINDBOX series this week. The spo-book WINDBOX II Quad and the spo-book WINDBOX III Advanced stand for their versatile range of application, their reliability and their attractive price. The latest connectors such as HDMI or USB 3.0, a passive cooling system and a low power consumption are all integrated in these Mini-PCs and make it possible to use the WINDBOX in the industrial sector, as a digital signage player or in the logistics field.

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DatumThursday, 30.November 2017 KategorieProducts

In the past few weeks we have been introducing you our product series in more detail. Both our digital signage players and our Mini-PCs for the fields of industrial control and vehicle computing were introduced. This time we would like to discuss the application of mini computers in the area of networking. Our product range offers the spo-book TECH QUAD and the spo-book NINETEEN Q170.

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DatumWednesday, 22.November 2017 KategorieProducts

Developed with our partner MSI the spo-book NOVA CUBE Q87

To control machines in warehouses or to automatize warehouse systems, Mini-PCs can be connected to those machines. Harsh working environments such as dust, moist air or, for example, sawdust bring Mini-PCs to their limits. For many of our Mini-PCs even such conditions are no problem.

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DatumThursday, 16.November 2017 KategorieProducts

Back of our palm-size spo-book CORE

The product range from spo-comm offers a numerous amount of Mini-PCs. Searching for a suitable digital signage solutions? One or more displays should be connected? 4K@60Hz or 8K@60Hz? You are spoilt for choice!

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