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for more than 10 years. Already in our first project, we sat down on a Mini-PC in order to meet the requirements of the customers. Although skepticism was high , we convinced with a solution based on high quality components.

Meanwhile, we maintain numerous partnerships with selected hardware manufacturers worldwide. And in addition to our first solutions in network environment, we now provide IT tools for many other areas, such as Digital Signage, Industrial Control or Vehicle Computing.

The basis of our solutions remains the Mini-PC , mainly because its capabilities and performance have evolved tremendously since 2003.

...for professional requirements

spo-book TURO HM76
spo-book TURO HM76

Since our customers use systems commercially, there are different requirements than in the office and home environment. Reliability is the crucial property. Firstly, from the technical point of view, because the systems have to work in a 24 x 7 operation or in adverse conditions easily.

Furthermore the availability of the hardware over a longer period of time (up to 5 years) or operating systems , which are still supported (e.g. Microsoft Windows Embedded) with major updates in 2019 , contribute significantly to the success of projects and to ensure compliance with budget with.

Transparency and fast delivery thanks to the latest web technologies

It is no extensive hardware expertise necessary to find the right Mini-PC. In our online product catalog, you can select the appropriate systems by the use of filters and thanks to 360° view you are able to take a close look at every niche of the system. Finally, you can compare your selection, configure a system and order as needed free of charge for a detailed testing.

The good thing is that we have almost every system in stock and we are able to  deliver in 2 to 3 business days. We ship to all European countries and also worldwide, if there is no export restriction on the country of destination. The only thing necessary is your registration to obtain the log-in data. 

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Extensive project support

Of course, not everything can be supported online. For this reason, we have a team of experienced technicians, developers and sales people who keep personal contact with the customer, take care of unusual requirements and have all activities in view. 

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