Advertima – Artificial Intelligence made in Switzerland

Advertima AG was founded in 2016 and today, with its software of the same name, is the leading AI for understanding human behavior in the physical world and analyzing customers in real time. The 40 employees of Advertima, which come from more than 20 nations worldwide, serve customers from offices in Switzerland (St. Gallen, Zurich) and Germany (Berlin). Since its foundation, the Swiss start-up has already received numerous awards, including the "Coolest Startup Award 2017".

Advertima – the Artificial Intelligence

Advertima's installation consists of a visual 3D sensor and an edge computer. The sensor is installed unobtrusively in a display or similar and sends its data directly to the software of Advertima. The self-learning software uses computer vision, machine learning and big data to interpret the look, movement and context of people in real time. Advertima customers use the Smart Retail, Smart Signage and Smart Building solutions to enhance multiple areas of the customer experience: 360° customer insight, greater reach and retention, increased revenue, and increased customer loyalty and online and offline connectivity physical world. The use of machine learning makes it possible for both the applications for the analysis and the content to constantly adapt to the changing times and trends in society.

A Mini-PC as a computing base - powered by NVIDIA GTX 1060

Advertima's real-time analysis is hungry for high performance demands. And this is exactly where the digital signage calculator by spo-comm, which has the name KUMO IV, is used.
The high-end Mini-PC feels at home in Advertima's installation. The NVIDIA GTX 1060's dedicated graphics card on the KUMO IV makes even resource hungry visual applications a smooth experience. In order to meet the high computing requirements of the self-learning AI from Advertima, the industrial PC is equipped with an Intel® Core i7-7700T CPU with four cores of 2.9 GHz each, which can clock up to 3.8 GHz per core if required.


The minds behind Advertima have made the AI what it is: a unique, self-learning analysis tool to deliver interest-based content exactly where it's needed. As a partner, the spo-comm looks forward to the future and is proud to accompany the developers and the rest of the Advertima team on their journey.

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  • Digital signage PC
  • Virtual Reality & Raytracing
  • Nvidia GTX1660 / RTX2060 GPU
  • Resolution: 4x 4K@60Hz