At-Visions & WINDBOX – High-end solutions

At-Visions is one of the leading specialists for the equipment of luxury hotels, golf resorts and airports. For years already, their custom-made digital signage solutions rely on spo-comm Mini-PCs.


Conditions like a high humidity in thermal baths or extreme circumstances in countries like Madagascar, need a very heat-resistant and durable system.  


Product / solution 

Since hotel facilities only provide a small amount of space and the system needs to have a fair price-performance ratio, the WINDBOX II was selected. The complete system consists of industrial monitors as well as the software solution OneSignage by at-visions. Demanding challenges have to be faced, since this product is used all around the world.  



The collaboration makes it possible to deliver the systems to international customers fast and reliably. Warranty cases are being handled in only a few days. 

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