DiSIGNWERK & spo-comm – notably digital instead of analogue

DiSIGNWERK – A young and innovative company from Bayreuth, already developed digital signage solutions for AUDI, Sparkasse and other well-known customers. The demanding design of the steles didn’t only catch the eye of the customers but also lead to receiving a design award in 2010.


At the moment cinemas are equipped with POS systems on the checkouts and digital signage solutions to play the movie trailers in Full HD. Due to the different demands of the stations, Mini-PCs from different perforance classes are used.  


Products / solutions 

Established Mini-PCs, for instance the WINDBOX II and the BRICK at the point of sale and performant Full HD player, such as the TURO, ensure a pleasent and informative cinema visit. The small dimensions of the Mini-PCs enlarge the possibilities for DiSIGNWERK, to adjust the design to the local conditions as well as the customers wishes.  



The era of posters in shop windows is coming to an end and is replaced by bright colours, flashy design, actuality and individuality of digital signage solutions. 

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