eKiosk & spo-comm - real,- supermarket of the future

Since its founding in 1999, the company eKiosk from Dresden has developed into a leading manufacturer of (interactive) information systems. Robust PC hardware from spo-comm and custom software combined with high-quality housing and displays are part of this system setup.


Use case of real, - terminal: The customer orders products from home or on the way via the internet shop. Once the items are available, the buyer is notified and may pick up his goods after a brief authentication at the terminal. The aim was to develop a future-oriented system. High-quality technology had to be combined with a robust design to withstand extreme weather conditions, such as heat in summer or frost in winter.

Product / Solution

Our proven, passively cooled spo-book WINDBOX II is the perfect solution for this task. Its stable and solid aluminum casing prevents dust etc. to penetrate into the interior. The default wall mount allows quick and solid fix. real, - terminal is used at the goods dispatchment of the new concept. It is now easy for customers to buy everyday goods directly from home via a PC or smartphone. Customers select goods online and order them in advance. As they are available, the customer is notified and can pick up the ordered products  by car – shortly after a brief authentication via the terminal at the goods dispatchment.


Improved checkout line experience and no more parking space search. For customers everyday shopping is now easy as a new way of relaxed shopping is created via the online system.

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