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The EOTEC AG offers by their specialists in the fields of video security systems, communication systems, media technology and IT-Media solutions, fitting to the personal needs of their customers.

E-Signage is the digital signage solution of EOTEC AG, which brings relevant information via digital information display to the customer. Consistently here the technical competence of EOTEC is assisting the customer from design to implementation, simply to find his solution.

A professional solution, so that the human remains the key focus. The important thing is the use of reliable hardware that does unobtrusively its service. The EOTEC AG has selected the spo-book WINDBOX II Plus for their solution.

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##Information about our WINDBOX II Quad

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  • Allrounder PC
  • Up to 2 independent displays
  • Slim & fanless design
  • 17 Watt power consumption