eyefactive and spo-comm – MultiTOUCH systems par excellence - Thanks to our spo-book KUMO series

How would we describe eyefactive in just one sentence? Probably like that: MultiTouch and MultiUser technologies XXL. And this is still understated. Everything started in 2009 when the company, which originally was a spin-off of the University of Applied Sciences in Wedel, was founded. The eyefactive GmbH quickly became a name due to its innovative ideas and is today regarded as the leader developer and provider of interactive digital signage solutions. The repertoire of eyefactive ranges from MultiTouch tables and interactive video walls to a self-developed touch screen software platform, leaving nothing to be desired.


The big MultiTouch systems from eyefactive are quite unique on the digital signage market. This was again proved at the ISE 2017 in Amsterdam, where the latest interactive signage solutions were presented in collaboration with 3M. Do you wonder how these solutions look like? Packed in a stable metal case you can find the screens with up to 80 touch points in the form of tables, terminals or video walls within eyefactive’s product range. Characteristics of the MultiTouch systems are their appearance, the ingenious MultiUser software as well as the sophisticated technology. In order to run these systems it needs a Mini-PC which fits the graphical requirements of the XXL touchscreens. This leads us to the question which Mini-PC is up to this task.


As if we had known it. The Mini-PC which is responsible for the visual power comes from the ranks of spo-comm. Equipped with an nVidia GT740M and a Core i5 of the fourth generation, the spo-book KUMO III has been responsible for graphics and computing operations inside the touch solutions. The Embedded-PC is now replaced by its big brother, the spo-book KUMO IV. With the KUMO IV spo-comm notches up the performance of the KUMO-series and created, with the help of an nVidia GTX 1060 as well as with a Core i5 of the sixth generation, an awesome Mini-PC. That’s why touch solutions in the format of 16:9 and a resolution of 1920 x 1080 are not a problem for the digital signage player.


How to build a great MultiTouch table or a MultiTouch terminal:
Take high performance software as well as smart object recognition technology from eyefactive, a first-class display from 3M, a professional Mini-PC from spo-comm, wrapping the whole things nicely in a slim metal housing and connecting it with electricity. Last step: Be amazed. Finished!

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  • Digital signage PC
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  • Nvidia GTX1660 / RTX2060 GPU
  • Resolution: 4x 4K@60Hz