feratel and spo-comm – Be well informed in the ski resorts of Austria

The feratel media technologies AG has its headquarter in Innsbruck, Austria, employs nearly 200 people and is also represented by numerous sites worldwide. The company is not only the inventor of the so-called Panorama TV, but offers its customers, from planning to implementation, complex solutions around the eTourism.


For many people the winter season is a synonymous for: Challenge the ski-run!

But before you can make it to the mountain you need to buy a ticket at the counter and sometimes to stand for it a little longer. Meanwhile, however, you can make good use of your time and check out one of the various information displays around you. No matter where in Austria you are, the systems are with a high probability from feratel.

Price information, ski routes, current weather conditions and weather forecasts, piste opening times and a lot more. Under the maxim “Window to the world” one learns everything necessary from the holistic, designed to customer requirements, solutions of the successful Austrian company, in order to arrive alive and well in the valley at the end of a day. 

Especially in ski resorts , it is for one thing important that the flow of information on the screens will not be interrupted and you can rely on the information in tickers and Co. For another thing  that displays and Mini-PCs keep running in all weathers.

Reliability and resilience are therefore very important here. So important that, for instance, the ski resort Mayrhofen once more chose the systems of feratel when it came to the reconstruction of the Penkenbahn.


The spo-comm supports the ski resort Mayrhofen with three different Mini-PCs. In multiple numbers the following Embedded-PCs of spo-comm are used:

##The EXPANDED Q170  ##The RUGGED HM87

and the TURO Q87, which by now is EOL. Here you can see all of our Mini-PCs for the industrial field.

The IPC systems, each equipped with a core i processor from Intel plus a Solid-State-Drive (SSD), are reliable. Even with just a little space left the spo-book trio finds its place and ensures that, from morning until evening, the right content is played.


Connecting the eTourism and the environment all around the world. That is what feratel is doing like straight from the textbook. Whether Italy, Germany, Austria, Slovakia, the Czech Republic or the USA. The “Window to the world” lives up to its name in every respect.

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##Read more about the Mayrhofen Ski Ressort

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  • Industrial & outdoor PC
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  • Rugged & fanless design
  • 35 Watt power consumption
  • Digital signage PC
  • Triple independent display
  • 1x PCIe, 6x USB, 2x COM
  • Optional: RAID