Fruchtbare Erde: The spo-book BRICK i3 in green atmospheres

The Fruchtbare Erde GmbH has its home in the beautiful German city Dortmund. Once initially a shopping community, which was established in 1978 by five women, it developed to over time to two health food stores/supermarkets. In addition to organic food the supermarkets also include natural fabrics and natural cosmetics.


Fruchtbare Erde experiences a great popularity in Dortmund and beyond. This shows the large steady expansion of sales areas and the range of products but also the large number satisfied customers. One of the biggest reasons for this is the outmost care range. But also the responsible and consistently friendly staff and the comfortable ambience of both stores play a significant role. The final impression, however, remains with each client before the purchase when stopping at the checkout. In order to shine even here the team of Fruchtbare Erde relies on a failsafe computer system.


The spo-book BRICK i3, which has its name from its shape and size, provides the perfect basis for the checkouts of Fruchtbare Erde. The Mini-PC is not only compact but also passively cooled and as powerful as robust. A Core i3 processor of the firth generation clocked up to 2.1 GHz, thus ensuring smooth and fast procedures at the checkout at simultaneously extremely high energy efficiency.
In addition: Thanks to sufficient serial ports, peripherals such as scanners and printers, will always find a matching connector. If that is not enough: The VESA wall brackets allow an easy assembly of the system, whether at a checkout or on a wall.


The team of Fruchtbare Erde has chosen one of spo-comm’s system in a careful selection. The spo-book BRICK i3 represents a generation of durability and will reliably support the stores in the future.

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