Intermediate Engineering GmbH and the spo-book KUMO III – Together in the middle of the action

Innovative and professional project planning as well as implementation: The engineering office for media technology is the link between the classical fields video, sound, lighting and information technology. That Intermediate Engineering does not only rely on efficiency but also on effectiveness, shows in an impressive way the project "Clubhouse St. Pauli" in the midst of Hamburg’s center, the Reeperbahn.


In September 2015 the Clubhouse St. Pauli had its kick-off, becoming the Reeperbahn’s eye catcher par excellence. “Unique” is probably most fitting when it comes to describe this building. Nearly 300 panels form a 700-square-foot, three-dimensional, advertising space and make the Clubhouse not only to Europe's largest media facade, but, thanks to sophisticated programming work, also to an interactive digital signage event.

If you look behind the façade, creative and convergent thinking require a powerful and reliable Embedded-PC in order to meet this installation concerning control management and the delivery of web-content.


High performance and graphic claims make the Mini-PC spo-book KUMO III the perfect choice.

In the case of Clubhouse St. Pauli each spo-book KUMO III comes with a 240 GB SSD and 8 GB strong SO-DDRIII RAM. The energy-efficient Core i5 processor from Intel and the graphics chip GT740M from nVIDIA ensure a smooth control of light, video and audio matrix as well as the uninterruptible power supply (UPS).

Thanks to remote control the provision of web-content can be easily controlled via a separate spo-book KUMO III which brings the content to the media facade.

Medienfassade Klubhaus St.Pauli | Technik & Software hinter der Fassade from Intermediate Engineering on Vimeo.


The versatile design and programming work of Intermediate Engineering has found, regarding the technical support, the perfect partner with the spo-comm GmbH and allows the Reeperbahn to shine in new splendor.

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