LMU Munich and MOVE T56N – Researching under extreme conditions

The Ludwig-Maximilians university in Munich is one of the leading universities in Europe and has an over 500 year-long tradition. With its broad and fully differentiated range of subjects, it has great potential for innovative basic research - whether it is in the core of the individual disciplines or in the inter- and transdisciplinary network of different fields of knowledge. The success of the LMU in the excellence initiative confirms the university's outstanding research performance.


What was needed, was a suitable Mini-PC system for a measuring station that measures and analyzes the snow water equivalent and the moisture content of the snow 2500 meters above sea level. 

In addition to the constant availability, the challenge was to cope with the restricted infrastructure and the extreme climatic conditions that prevail there. 

The technical adaptability to extreme conditions was the most important criterion for the scientists at LMU Munich. 


Product / solution 

The perfect system is the MOVE T56N. Next to withstanding temperatures from -30°C to +60°C with a passive cooling, the system has an input voltage range from 9V to 36V.  

The voltage converter, optimized for the automotive sector, reliably compensates for temporary irregularities and, with an additional fuse, ensures the protection of the entire system. 

Another advantage is the high-quality workmanship of the internal and external plug connections, which do not loosen even in the event of vibrations or strong thermal differences. 



A Mini-PC that was developed for extraordinary burdens in vehicles, also withstands the extreme conditions in a measuring station in alpine mountains. Like that, the water content of the snow in this area is no secret. 

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