open ideas GmbH and the spo-book WINDBOX II QUAD – Experience flexibility in a new way

The munich startup-company open ideas GmbH brings not only open but also new ideas in the e-commerce sector, since 2013. The young and dynamic team offers software and electronic development from a single source and sets with its own project “emmasbox” new standards for click & collect.


Friday afternoon. It’s closing time. Hello long-awaited weekend. A feeling of hunger slowly begins to spread. The empty refrigerator is waiting for you at home. So get in the rush hour just to make it to the crowded discounter. You then queue up for the unfriendly cashier only to pay your shopping cart which you had to gather in too small aisles. There is no way to handle this easier? There is!

The smart solution regarding your purchase: emmasbox!

The cooled collection station from open ideas GmbH grants, according to the maxim “Online  food. Offline collection.”, a new feeling for your purchase. No opening hours you have to go by. No queuing up for paying your shopping cart. Comfortable, easy and 24 hours a day accessible!

The flexible and reliable around-the-clock-service emmasbox needs an at least as reliable as robust Embedded-PC in order to keep your online purchase ready for collection, also in bad weather.


Due to the specified requirements there is no getting away from the fanless Mini-PC spo-book WINDBOX II Quad. The flat IPC, equipped with four processor cores, does not only provide a smooth management of the boxes as well as a smooth control of the, in emmasboxes integrated Touch-Displays. It additionally synchronizes, via external servers, all the necessary data you need in order to store and to pick up your shopping card.

The spo-book WINDBOX II Quad impresses, in addition to its high performance, by a particularly  low energy consumption.


In the future you can, thanks to the fruitfully collaboration of open ideas and spo-comm, decide for yourself when and from where you want to bring your purchase to your home.

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