Salzburg Museum & spo-comm – Tradition supported by modern technology

In the Salzburg Museum valuable art objects, aesthetic presentation, interesting content and multimedia installations form a harmonious whole. The Salzburg Museum is proof that a modern museum can be informative and entertaining at the same time. The Salzburg Museum was awarded the European Museum Prize 2009 and the Austrian Museum Prize 2007 for its successful concept.


The exhibition concepts of the Salzburg Museum are based on an interplay between the material presence of the object and the corresponding media support. One thing is certain: The focus must be on the content, the presentation technology should remain barely noticeable to the visitors. The most important hardware requirements were silent, flat, easy to assemble and universally applicable. A system, as far as possible without moving parts, should ensure a high level of reliability and thus, remain “invisible” not only to the visitors but also to the technical management of the museum. 


Product / solution 

Several of our models could have met the requirements, but in order to be able to display sophisticated graphic content, the performance of the system had to be right. So, the choice fell on the WINDBOX III equipped with an SSD. The ultra-low-voltage Core 2 Duo CPU and the fanless and flat design of the system were able to convince the museum staff after a few test installations. 

In order to inspire the 800,000 annual museum visitors, new presentation options and innovations are always sought after. With the WINDBOX III, a reliable base for supporting the exhibition concept was found and successfully integrated. 

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