spo-comm & Prodam – A saddle fast solution “ SQ-Lab“

ProDaM® was founded in 1994 as a software company. In 2008 Björn Müller joined the company and – next to ProDaM® – Product data Management – also ProDaM® – NetServices was founded. The latter deals with the development of individual software solutions, IT solutions and services round about Linux.


The software solution of ProDaM® is an interactive bicycle saddle that measures ones body and analyses the body part. As a base a system without moving parts was needed, that stays invisible behind a TFT display as well as on the electricity bill. The main criteria were a very good hardware support for Linux, a long-term availability and a good collaboration to the manufacturer. 


Product / solution 

The most fitting system is the WINDBOX II. The passively cooled processor, the 19mm flat and high-quality metal housing and a 16GB SSD quickly convinced the development department at ProDaM®. With only 17 Watt power consumption also the running costs after the purchase stay low. The spo-comm hardware together with the ProDaM® software – Java Swing based on Debian 6.0 - are the complete solution.  

With the results from the analysis, the perfect article can be offered via a product finder. The ordering system is connected with this product finder. Like that, the proper saddle can easily be ordered after a little configuration. 



The innovative solution for SQ-Lab brings a new twist to the bicycle store. Every bicycle fan now has the chance to easily find the fitting saddle, and there is also the possibility to adjust the saddle individually. An offer, that until now, only pro-athletes could do. Already 120 sports stores are equipped with the system and throughout receive positive feedback.  

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