Trend Vision & spo-book TURO – the eye decides

The TREND Werbesysteme GmbH & Co. KG focuses on a modern design, an attractive functionality and an easy handling of the advertising systems. The aspiration is always to be ahead of the current advertising trends and to plan and build innovative techniques for new market developments. And all of this with a high-class German quality that satisfies sustainably.


The search for a fitting Mini-PC for TrendVision, the new concept of the Trend Werbesysteme GmbH. It is defined through massive all-in-one systems. An absolute highlight are the optics: Thae steel housing attracts everyone’s attention. The outdoor field of an golf area needs extreme stability and quality of the housing, because golf balls with a velocity of up to 250 km/h, heat or cold are pretty common. Like that, these two features are the most important things in the quality check.  


Product / solution  

A custom build TURO GM45 brings the desired content on to the 46” display. A constant connection to the system is ensured with the special WiFi module.  



Due to the early inclusion the ideal player could be developed, that fulfils every requirement and brings the functionalities of TrendVision to full advantage. 

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