VKA e.V. and spo-comm GmbH – The spo-book WINDBOX II Quad widely connected

“We focus on the human being” - Under this guiding principle around 2,000 staff members of VKA e.V. are taking care of the well-being of needy elderly people every day. The VKA e.V. (Verein katholischer Altenhilfeeinrichtungen, engl: Association of catholic aids) is based in the North Rhine-Westphalian city Hamm. While the VKA e.V. was officially launched in the early 1990s, its origins date back to the 19th century. The association is represented in Paderborn with 18 residential and nursing homes, four day care facilities and the outpatient nursing service called “VKA ambulant”.


With a care facility in the dimension of VKA e.V. one might think that the staff could easily lose the overview of all the processes going on in the association. Each location is individually planned, organized, and each has its own accounting. Therefore flexibility and a clear system are very important for the VKA.
With the help of a special software it is possible for the employees to access the central servers at the headquarters by remote control from any location. This means that the VKA is able to beat two birds with one stone: Apart from a uniform platform structure for all employees the association also manages to collect all data and information directly.
An uncomplicated and reliable Mini-PC therefore serves the team as an office-client.


The Mini-PC which is mentioned here is the spo-book WINDBOX II Quad.
The passively cooled Embedded-PC fits perfectly behind every display and is the perfect solution for the office operations of the catholic association. Since no active fan is used in the WINDBOX-series it is possible to create yourself a quiet work environment. The four processor cores of the IPC, as well as up to eight gigabytes of memory, ensure a smooth operating interface.


Those who set high priority on durability make the right choice with the passively cooled solutions from spo-comm. Just like the VKA e.V. which uses the spo-book WINDBOX II Quad and relies on the latest generation of fail-safety.

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