• MSI IPC Systems from spo-comm


    spo-book WINDBOX II Quad
    MSI MS-9A65

    The fourth generation of the WINDBOX II series
    Ultra-thin, fanless and installes in a rugged metal housing.
    Up-to-date because of quad-core CPU and USB 3.0.

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  • spo-book WINDBOX III EVO

    MSI IPC Systems from spo-comm


    spo-book WINDBOX III EVO
    MSI MS-9A95

    Silent computing power by passive cooling.
    The fifth generation of WINDBOX III impresses with
    current Core i5 CPUs, and numerous extensions.

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  • spo-book NOVA CUBE Q87

    An IPC for any event


    spo-book NOVA CUBE Q87
    MSI MS-9A66

    Intel Haswell technology passively cooled.
    Four Slots (1 x PCIe 16x und 3 x PCI) for expansions cards
    Extended temperature range and wide voltage input 

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In just 3 steps to your MSI IPC system

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Product-Highlights - MSI IPC Mini-PCs

CPU: Intel® Core i5
RAM: up to 32 GB
Displays: up to 3x4K
CPU: Intel® J1900 4 x 2,0 GHz
Height: 19mm
Expansions: W-LAN und BT
CPU: Intel® Core i3 2 x 2,1 GHz
-10° ~ +50°C
200 x 155 x 55mm
CPU: up to Intel® Core i7
Power Consumption: max. 60W
Displays: up to 3

MSI IPC and spo-comm

MSI (Micro-Star-International) was founded in 1986 and is one of the most successful hardware manufacturers worldwide. In addition to the classical IT products like motherboard, server and notebook, MSI began to produce Hardware for professional and industrial use from 2006 on. In addition to industrial motherboards, complete systems has been increasingly included into the portfolio.

The partnership between MSI IPC and spo-comm

Since 2008, MSI IPC  working in the field of Industrial PCs or embedded systems closely together with spo-comm to provide customers the right solution for their projects based on high quality hardware. From the beginning there was a consensus that the very high quality must be ensured by excellent customer service. This collaboration was quickly successful and then led already in 2010 to a first award as "Outstanding Partner" of spo-comm by MSI.

New approaches for affordable reliable solutions

Meanwhile spo-comm accompanies the entire development process of new IPC systems. Through intensive exchange, technical features can be integrated easily to fulfil the needs of customers. Together with the advantages, provided by a big manufacturer like MSI, in terms of production costs and quality assurance, we are able to offer cost-effective systems that meet the highest quality standards.

Long-term availability and long-living product lines

Besides the quality, the long-term availability is of critical importance, for systems in the professional environment. Of course, also, the systems presented here, a minimum availability of five years. In addition, the respective successors within a product line of the same design (eg WINDBOX II Plus to WINDBOX II Quad or systems of the BRICK series). If a technical upgrade is necessary, the entire installation does not have to be made again from the scratch, but only the computer has to be changed.

Fast delivery in the desired configuration

Similar to a Consumer PC, you can simply configure the Mini-PCs online and order. All systems are usually in stock (spo-comm has the largest stock of MSI IPC systems in the world) and can be delivered within a few working days. To remove any doubt, you can order any system in any configuration as a free test sample and test it extensively with your own application or in the desired environment.

MSI IPC and spo-comm: Together even better.

Get your Windows 10 IoT Enterprise!
Long-term availability: The WINDBOX series from spo-comm guarantees availability for several years.

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