Windows 10 IoT Enterprise

Windows 10 IoT Enterprise – What is it about? What does IoT stand for?

IoT is the short form of Internet of Things. Windows 10 IoT Enterprise is the successor to Windows 7 Embedded. The difference to the predecessor is that IoT Enterprise is even better. Means, it is even more adaptable, even more extensive. Everything you need to know you will learn here. Click on the pictures to get detailed information.

Stele with Windows 10 IoT

Why Windows 10 IoT?

With Windows 10 IoT Microsoft is launching an operating system that is suitable not only for various industrial applications but for all devices. Areas of application are, for instance, kiosk systems, POS and digital signage as well as industrial control, production systems but also cash terminals or medical devices.

More about Windows 10 and the "Internet of Things"...

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Installation of Windows 10 IoT Enterprise

Customizing / Branding

Windows 10 IoT Enterprise has a lot to offer in the section of customizing. Embedded Lockdown features such as Unbranded Boot, Embedded Logon, Shell Launcher and Assigned Access allow the operating system to disappear completely behind your application. With customized OEM information you can appear even more clearly as a manufacturer of a certain system.

To the Embedded Lockdown features...

Security for Windows 10 IoT Enterprise / LAN cable at a Server

More Security

Extending security features never hurts. Microsoft thought like this as well and put a special focus on the topic in favor of all users. From BitLocker to Secure Boot to Mobile Device Management, Windows 10 IoT Enterprise has a lot to offer. As mentioned in the introduction, the features are only active if you want to.

How to secure your Mini-PC...

Windows 10 IoT Enterprise / Windows logo

New licensing policy

True to the motto "all good things come in threes" Microsoft handles the licensing model quite simply. With the three SKUs called "Entry", "Value" and "High End" you can now assign one of these SKUs to each CPU and as well to a certain price.

Which CPU belongs to which category?...

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