Drivers for spo-book Mini-PCs and Panel-PCs

USB Driver Stick
USB Driver Stick

A driver is software that allows the operating system to communicate with connected hardware devices. With wrong or defective drivers, the devices will not work at all or improperly. We have partucularly taken care of this subject, in order to ensure the smooth operation of our systems. All drivers published on this site, are tested thoroughly. The drivers are only available for operating systems that are fully capable of running on that system.

Every shipment contains the necessary drivers. Nearly all Mini-PCs, Panel PCs and POS systems are shipped with an USB-Stick, to allow an easy handling and installation. As a result there is no need of an external optical drive and it is more easy to keep the driver collection up to date. 

If you have any further questions about drivers for spo-book systems, then please contact us at any time.

Drivers and Datasheets for current spo-book Systems

The drivers for all current spo-book Mini-PC systems can be found in our product catalog on the respective product page under the tab "Product Details and Downloads".

Product Catalog

Drivers and Datasheets for former spo-book Systems

spo-book BOX NM10

spo-book MOVE/RUGGED NM10

spo-book SQUARE 15

spo-book TECH 92F

spo-book UNO NM10