Windows Embedded PC Solutions from spo-comm

What is Windows Embedded?

Windows Embedded is a family of operating systems which is designed for operation on embedded systems. Embedded systems differ from the well-known desktop PCs through their focus on a specific task. Which may , for example, be a vending machine, an industrial control system or a computer that is designed for use on trains or ships.

Due to the specific purpose of embedded systems there arise also specific requirements for the designed operating system. In order to meet these requirements and maintain the well-known advantages of Microsoft operating  the Microsoft Windows Embedded series has been developed.

What advantages does Windows Embedded have?

spo-book MOVE QM77
spo-book MOVE QM77

It is a Microsoft operating system
And because of that, it is 100 % identical to the respective desktop operating system (OEM or System Builder versions) from Microsoft. If you have for example a software solution that runs on Windows 7, you can easily install Windows 7 Embedded on such a system. Even the drivers can be used. 

It is a modular operating system
It is possible to integrate only necessary parts of the operating system and build a very small and tiny operating system dedicated to a specific hardware platform. 

It is a secure operating system
Many features provide an increase in security . For example using the feature called “Enhanced Write Filter”, every interaction of a user will be reset after reboot. No changes of the base windows operating system can be made by user or by third party software. 

This ensures a reliable and longterm operation after an uncontrolled user or third-party access.

There is no need of activation
The known activation, which is know from the OEM or System Builder versions is not necessary. The master image (which  includes the product key) can be installed on several devices.

There are lower license fees
Most embedded versions offer significant price advantage in comparison to their OEM versions.

When do I need Windows Embedded

If long-term availability and and log-term support are needed.
Windows Embedded versions are widely available for over 10 years . Thus, for example, Windows Embedded Standard 7 is still available until July 2025 and will be supported by Microsoft up to this date.

If the system will be used internationally
In comparison to the System Builder license, Windows Embedded licenses can be used worldwide without restrictions . The installation and use of different language packs is no problem.  

If only specific elements of an operating system are required
The modular design facilitates service for the software solution and reduces the hardware requirements.

Reduced licensing costs
Windows Embedded brings cost advantages compared to the standard OEM versions.

How do I get Windows Embedded?

spo-comm is Windows Embedded Partner

Just order your Mini-PC or Panel-PC and choose Windows Embedded as operating system. The standard delivery is usually with all available Windows Embedded packages. This means, you get the same functionality than a comparable Windows 7 Ultimate OEM version.

How to I get my Windows Embedded PC?

If you wish to adapt the system to your specific scenario or to your software solution, we are happy to create "your" best custom Windows Embedded and accompany the whole process from needs assessment to the final tests on the desired hardware. Please don't hesitate to contact us for further information.