spo-comm Case studies

28 Aug 2019 Case studies

SmartPixels and spo-comm - Customer Experience 2.0

SmartPixels is a mid-size company from France. At the time of its founding, Julien Berta and Jeremy Verdo's vision was to offer customers a completely new shopping experience. The idea: to give the customer the opportunity to design their own products at one of the most important touchpoints, the physical point of sale. With its augmented display solution, SmartPixels has since brought new life to showcases around the world.
13 Jun 2019 Case studies

Advertima – Artificial Intelligence made in Switzerland

"Advertima empowers retailers, brands, and media agencies to exploit the full potential of in-store as a marketing channel in their omnichannel Retail Media strategies. We transform in-store shoppers into digital Retail Media audiences in real time using Computer Vision and advanced AI technologies. Advertima’s In-store Audience Creator integrates seamlessly into any existing Retail Media ecosystem and enables performance media capabilities, such as real-time targeting, audience analytics, and programmatic audience activation. By upgrading any existing Digital Signage and In-store Radio system with 3D sensors, our data brings light to the shopper touchpoints at the bottom of the funnel – from front-of-store to in-aisle to checkout. Advertima Vision AG was founded in 2021 in St.Gallen, Switzerland by retail, media, and tech experts to become the market-leading Retail Media tech solution for in-store. Advertima is a fast-growing team, working with customers across the globe."
14 May 2019 Case studies

Lokoma and spo-comm - Having one’s tool in the right place

Lokoma GmbH, based in Höchstadt an der Donau, is a medium-sized company and is considered one of the leading suppliers in the field of operating and storage facilities. The traditional family business is not only characterized by 60 years of experience. A standard warranty of 10 years, high quality standards, custom-made products and sustainable customer service are just some of the benefits that customers, prospects and partners can enjoy.
15 Jun 2018 Case studies

TRIAD Berlin & spo-comm – info points in the ABUS Brand World

The company TRIAD was founded in 1994 and has its offices in Berlin and Shanghai. The creative agency for spacial communication focusses on the development of projects of any kind – whether it’s a fair, a museum or brand worlds. TRIAD offers the whole range of project development services – from concept design and construction planning to the overall implementation. Turning information in emotion takes the center stage of every TRIAD project.
20 Apr 2017 Case studies

VKA e.V.– The WINDBOX II Quad widely connected

“We focus on the human being” - Under this guiding principle around 2,000 staff members of VKA e.V. are taking care of the well-being of needy elderly people every day. The VKA e.V. (Verein katholischer Altenhilfeeinrichtungen, engl: Association of catholic aids) is based in the North Rhine-Westphalian city Hamm. While the VKA e.V. was officially launched in the early 1990s, its origins date back to the 19th century. The association is represented in Paderborn with 18 residential and nursing homes, four day care facilities and the outpatient nursing service called “VKA ambulant”.
20 Mar 2017 Case studies

eyefactive & spo-comm – MultiTOUCH systems par excellence

How would we describe eyefactive in just one sentence? Probably like that: MultiTouch and MultiUser technologies XXL. And this is still understated. Everything started in 2009 when the company, which originally was a spin-off of the University of Applied Sciences in Wedel, was founded. The eyefactive GmbH quickly became a name due to its innovative ideas and is today regarded as the leader developer and provider of interactive digital signage solutions. The repertoire of eyefactive ranges from MultiTouch tables and interactive video walls to a self-developed touch screen software platform, leaving nothing to be desired.
20 Feb 2017 Case studies

Fruchtbare Erde: The spo-book BRICK i3 in green atmospheres

The Fruchtbare Erde GmbH has its home in the beautiful German city Dortmund. Once initially a shopping community, which was established in 1978 by five women, it developed to over time to two health food stores/supermarkets. In addition to organic food the supermarkets also include natural fabrics and natural cosmetics.
24 Oct 2016 Case studies

WINDBOX III Advanced – Logistics made easy at hama

The hama GmbH & Co. KG, founded in 1932 with its headquarter in the German town Monheim, is an international company and is both manufacturer and distributor of accessories in fields like photography, computer and telecommunications. hama is one of the world’s leading equipment manufacturers concerning consumer electronics and is made up of a team of approximately 2,500 employees. Around 1,500 people are employed at the company’s headquarter.
27 Sep 2016 Case studies

Animal-friendly: Zoo Basel and the WINDBOX III Advanced

The Zoo Basel, also known as “Zolli”, is with its establishment in July 1874 not only the oldest in Switzerland but has approximately 600 different animal species and with about 6,500 animals (data from 2015) the largest zoological animal population in Switzerland.
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